5 Questions You Should Ask Your Local Architects Before Hiring


If you are investing in a project you would surely want the best output. The foremost thing to know about the company is its taste, experience and whether they are honest with their plans and propositions. In order to figure out whether they are the best suit, you have to ask a certain number of questions.

  1. Will you be able to stay within my budget?

It has often happened that architecture projects go out of budget as it is modified on the go. So, the very first question you need to ask is whether they could manage to stay within your budget. It is very important to know a detailed breakdown of the costs of every little thing associated with the project so that there is no way they could get extra cash out of you in the future. You should have a fair idea of the cost of labour, product design services, etc. This also helps you compare between the firms and make necessary cuts in the prices.

2. “May I speak to your past clients?”

You already know that online rating and reviews are not always the truest form of opinions. So even after the architect has presented you a great pitch package, you are required to talk to a past client to be very sure before investing. They can provide you with their experiences and the problems they had had while associating with the firm and whether they are satisfied with the final result. If your architect cannot provide you with that, then it is time to move on to another one.

3. “Can I have a look at your portfolio?”

A portfolio gives you a clear picture of who you would be working with. You would get an idea of whether their design, taste and aesthetics match with your own. From it, you will be able to figure out how skilled your architect is and also if he has experience in working on a project of your scale and size.

4. “Is what I have planned possible?”

There are a lot of examples of false promises and the worst outputs around you. While talking to your architect, if he is selling you the idea that the design and structure are possible, knowing fully well that the ideas and concepts you want are not structurally possible or there is no way it would bind with the regulations, then you should walk away from there. As the false promises would eventually lead to disruption of your budget and you would get an infrastructure which would be nothing you had imagined. Chennai architects are one of the best architects you can get who works with transparency and they provide you with a fair vision of what changes your ideas need to go through.

5. “What are the challenges you may face?”

No matter how good your plans and strategies are, in the long run, you are subjected to hit a roadblock. Hence, it is better to discuss in the very beginning what kind of challenges there might be and how your architect would be handling them. Another thing you should be aware of is the cost and time these hurdles would take up so that you can be prepared to adjust your budget if needed.

Now that you know the primary questions you should be asking, start making a list of the firms or architects you want to invest in and get ready to talk to them confidently.