5 Most Influential Interior Designers


Interior designing has been the biggest and most preferred job preferences for most of the current generation. It has the creative value as well as the craftsmanship of a unique way to let your design creativity flourish and make a successful career path.

  • Interior designing as the name suggests that any designing which relates to art, interior decor and home improvement plans are mostly practiced to make the real-time visualization and imagination of a creative talent got appreciated.
  • Now a day we can see a lot of interior designing work are blend with touch artistic as well as the elegance of actual creative vision and presentation.
  • We never forget to renovate our home or to seek the help of renowned interior designer when we about to do the home improvements.
  • We can improve a lot of areas in a home by actually engage with acclaimed and most influential interior designers to revamp the entire interior decoration in a touch flamboyance way. Well, to name a few renowned and noted interior designers, let us give them their reward of hard work and creative sense.

1. Sanjyt Syngh:

Sanjyt Syngh is one of the reputed & talented Interior designer New Delhi design consultancy mainly offered luxury   and comfortable spaces. We make your home design truly world-class. We practice state of the art design to create a space and our diligent craftsmen team makes sure that the end results will be to experience seamless functional work of art and craftsmanship.

  1. Prem Nath and Associates –

Well, Prem Nath is a premier Mumbai based interior design firm that has been in the top 10 interior designers in India. Currently, the design firm is in collaboration with some the biggest brand and hospitality that caters to different architectural services for home, hotel, commercial shopping mall, and villas, etc. In addition to this, the popular design firm also quite apprehensive when it comes to giving consultation and recommendation of project management.

  1. Shabnam Gupta –

Shabnam Gupta is one of the few interior designers who actually indulge with a lot of planning and building a core group of best designer for making an immense step forward to bring out the best work. She is the owner of a design studio called “The orange Lane “.

  1. Ajay shah-

Featuring next on the elite list is Ajay Shah who has created and is in great demand for mostly retail-based designing. He has a strong creative background of architectural and also lends an immense hand in architectural structure and design layout.

  1. Lipika sud –

Another deserving and talented interior designer is Lipika sud from Delhi. She has graduated and won the prestigious best design professionals title in 2012.