5 Mobile SEO Tools for Website Optimization


For the technology word, smaller is better and that is what has been experienced ever since the making of the first-generation computers. The next generation computers were much smaller and powerful in comparison to previous ones. With the passage of time, advent of smartphones has taken this to another level, with most of the users switching over to smartphones for light browsing and web search.

In such scenario, the Mobile Search Engine Optimization has to be done effectively in order to attract more traffic for the website. An important point which must be noted is that Mobile SEO in different from Desktop SEO. So, let us have a look at some of the top Mobile SEO tools which can be used for website optimization:

  1. Google Page Speed Insight Tools

In the world of technology, speed is one of the most important parameters. If you are given a website which loads very quickly within a few seconds and another one taking minutes just to load, which one would you prefer? I guess there are none who will prefer the second one, so this is where Google Page Speed Insight Tools come into play. The tool analyzes the time required for loading of webpages at a certain internet speed.

This tool can be used very easily, as one just needs to give the URL of the webpage which automatically generates all the time required for loading related data for both mobile and desktop. There is also the option of generating complete report on the aspects which have to be worked on to improve the speed of loading. On top of that, the tool is free, which makes it a must use for all!

  1. Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

Being the most-used search engine in the world, the tools developed by Google are both important and effective in determining the performance of any website or webpage. The Google Mobile Friendly Test is one such tool which is a must for Mobile SEO as it gives detailed analysis of how much the design and interface of the given webpage is suitable for being used in mobiles. Until and unless the webpage can be easily used in mobiles, no one is ready to use it. So, this free tool is of great importance if you are looking to develop a stellar performing webpage.

  1. Varvy

It can be termed as ‘all in one’ testing tool for website optimization. Designed primarily to analyze the adherence of any webpage to the Google SEO guidelines, the specially allotted Mobile Test section makes it the real winner. In the mobile test, the speed of loading as well as the mobile-friendliness of the webpage is analyzed along with some other important nuances.

The report generated by Varvy is easy to understand, also featuring the points which need correction, thus making it a complete package for Mobile SEO website optimization.

  1. Mobile SEO Page Analyzer

Developed by Pure Oxygen Labs, the Mobile SEO Page Analyzer is the ultimate tool for effective website optimization and to make it mobile friendly. It has features like speed testing, mobile-friendly test, page redirection test, appropriate header test and many such tests to make your website the best of the lot for smartphones. However, the software is paid, which is a slight con, but the performance and results justify the pricing. So, if you are willing to spend some money to have best results, this is the best product for you.

  1. Google Search Console and Search Analytics

Another tool from the house of Google which makes it to the list is Google Search Console and Search Analytics. The option to filter the analytics data for mobile makes it easier to figure out how a certain webpage is performing on smartphones and tablets. As it is said, finding out the problem is necessary before giving a solution, and this tool gives you the required data to analyze if there are any shortcomings in website optimization technique.

So, these were the five mobile SEO tools for web optimization and we hope this made you more aware about the current trends.