4 shoe Types to Pair with your Sherwani this Wedding Season


After choosing your life partner it’s time to choose the various items for your wedding day. Everyone focuses on the clothes but at times forget the importance of the shoes. Let us draw you an analogy: Couples are like shoes after marriage, they are two but are often referred to as one. Weddings are important for most people. You are taking a huge step of deciding to spend your life with another person, so just like your decision your shoes should also be sure, sturdy yet comfortable. This article is particularly going to talk about the types of footwear that can be included in the category of wedding shoes for men specifically for pairing up with sherwanis. 

So let’s take a look at some of the footwear types:

  1. Men’s leather sandals: A bridge between modernity and vintage, these men’s leather sandals are quirky, chic yet affordable, comfortable and sturdy. A perfect fit for the long and tiring wedding day. It is a footwear that will make you stand tall. They are often connected to royalty and exude a confidence and exuberance not shown by many. They are also available in multiple colours, patterns and designs and hence, can be paired with any colour of sherwani you want to pair it with. The bride and groom can even match. 
  2. Men’s leather chappals: Let’s bring the slipper swag back. The men’s leather chappals are modernly traditional and give this intellectual vibe. No they don’t make you smart but they make you look smart. They are sleek, meticulously smart and chic. They make a perfect partner in crime with a royal looking sherwani. They will make you feel like a king. They are actually a piece of art. One of the oldest existing types of footwear category, they have fought their way to the top. They are now available in multiple colours, styles and designs. They are a perfect choice for all your wedding functions. 
  3. Brogues: They are an artistic masterpiece. The punch holes in brogues were actually made to keep your feet dry by letting the water escape through these little holes. However, the brogue patterns are now recognised across  the globe as an intrinsic detailed work of art. They match perfectly with the royal outlook of all and any weddings. They are chic, modern and sophisticated. They make you look confident and proud. They are just perfectly formal but do not make you seem like all work and no play. They are available in multiple colours. However, the classic brown looks way cooler in brogue. It even has dual-tones available in men’s leather shoes category. 
  4. Loafers or Morjoris: Loafers and morjoris are both easy to wear and require little effort which is a plus in all the various functions of weddings. Loafers are a little more on the modern side than morjoris. Morjoris have been a part of Indian culture for a long time. Both today are available in multiple colours, design, patterns and are adorned with various accessories. Mojoris will give you a more royal, classic and completely traditional look like a maharaja when paired with a sherwani. On the other hand loafers will bridge the gap of modernity and traditions together. They are both sturdy and comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. 

We hope the above mentioned types of shoes help narrow down your choices for what to pair your sherwani with. Wedding shoes for men are often not given as much importance as they should be. Let us not be a part of the archaic stereotyping society where the masculinity of a man is threatened because he wants to look good on his own wedding day. It’s a beautiful day for all, let’s enjoy it!