2nd wave of Covid-19 in India could last up to 100 days, peak in April: says SBI report

3rd wave of Covid-19
2nd wave of Covid-19

Coronavirus cases are increasing daily in the country. As per the data released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare India saw a huge spike of 62,258 fresh coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours and with this number of total infections has reached up to 11,908,910. Now India has become the 6th worst-hit country, and currently have 452,647 active cases in the country. The death toll from the deadly infection has reached 161,275. This rapid rising rate of cases is not seen since May last year and this is the indication that the second wave of covid-19 can be worse than the first wave. However, this time the ongoing vaccination process is giving some hope of relief. The government has announced that from April 1, people who are above the age of 45 years will be eligible to get a corona vaccine.  

According to a research report by State Bank of India the second wave of coronavirus in India can last upto 100 days from february 15 and total number of covid cases in the country are expected in order of 25 lakh. The report says global COVID-19 experience shows that the second wave is much higher in intensity than the first wave and the same is estimated for India’s second wave. Maharashtra (2,600,833), Karnataka (978,478), Andhra Pradesh (895,879), Kerala (1,111,897), and Tamil Nadu (873,219) are currently the most affected states. 

However, the fatality rate in the ongoing second wave is quite lower than the peak months of July, August and September in last year. Also  compared to the sharp increase in cases, the rise in deaths as compared to rise in cases  has been quite low as of now. 

According to the SBI’s report from the current level of daily new cases it is predicted that India might reach the peak in the second half of April. As compared to the first wave, this time availability of vaccines against covid is a plus point and it is said in the report that faster vaccination would be more effective than lockdown in controlling the covid cases.