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10 Roadtrips you can take on your Royal Enfield Bike from India


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The perfect cure for a soul cooped up in a hole, is to spread its wings and fly. This cure is exactly what many of us bullet lovers would be needing post COVID-19. Although the subject of traveling during this chaotic period is completely out of the question, we can still make plans for a better future; a future where we are all out from the grips of Coronavirus and back to a well-oiled working community.

The best way to take away the boredom and the mundanity of home quarantines and work from home, for all the bullet lovers would be to plan an ideal getaway into the midst of the mountains or to the kiss of the windy beaches. Here are some of the top bike trips you can take one your Royal Enfield bullet bikes in India.

  1.       Winter expedition to Chitkul

The last inhabited village in the Indo-Tibetan region, Chitkul is a mesmerizing village in the Baspa valley. This village turns into a magical landscape during the winter months of November to March. This sleepy village would be the ideal place for some adventure in the snow. Rated as one of the deadliest roads in the world, a ride through the scenic Chitkul will prove to be a challenge to even the hardcore adventure fanatics. Pack your bags and gutter down the Sutlej river in this daring trip.

Duration – 6 days

Distance – 771 k.m

Best time to travel – October to March

Skill Level – High

2. The last Shangri La – Bhutan

The sovereign state of Bhutan, lying to the East of Himalayas, would be a perfect getaway for anyone itching to take a short foreign trip from India. The Kingdom of Bhutan is landlocked between India and China. The country is strewn with towering mountains and dipping valleys. Start your trip from the quaint city of Siliguri in West Bengal and ride into this beautiful country through the border town of Phuentsholing. Proceed to Paro, Thimpu and Punakha and explore these places at leisure on your Enfield. Get a deeper understanding of the Buddhist culture and the happiness quotient that keeps this country a prosperous and peaceful place to live. You can head back to India via Guwahati.

Duration – 15 days

Distance – 1835  k.m

Best time to travel – March to November

Skill Level – High

3. The Banjar Valley Expedition

If you are looking to ride through a relatively remote valley with fewer tourists, then Banjar valley would be the best place. In the winter months, the Banjar valley becomes deserted of tourists. This snow-laden sleepy village morphs into a Narnian landscape during these months. Start your trip from Shimla and ride through the apple orchards of Chindi, explore the multicultural Rewalsar, stop at the gateway of the Great Himalayan National Park at Shoja and drink in the picturesque Jalori pass at Rohru.

Duration – 6 days

Distance – 543  k.m

Best time to travel – October to March

Skill Level – Medium

4. The weather-beaten paths of Srinagar to Leh

Start your adventure from the remarkable town of Srinagar with its beautiful waterfronts and gardens. Proceed to the famous hill station Sonamarg where you can catch a glimpse of the Sirbal Peak, Kolhoi Peak, Amarnath Peak and Machoi Peak. The long stretch of National Highway 1D will take you to the famous city of Kargil. From here on, it would be hard not to let your eyes wander onto the towering landscapes of Leh. To take you further off your seat, travel to the Pangong Lake that extends from India to China.

Duration – 9 days

Distance – 1076  k.m

Best time to travel – May to September

Skill Level – High

5. The road less travelled – Kinnaur, Spiti valley & Ladakh region

Exploring the Himalayas atop a Royal Enfield is every biker’s dream. The best and remote places that you can explore here are the Kinnaur and Spiti valley. The quaint villages, the friendly locals, the mesmerizing culture will all prove to be both an adventurous and spiritual getaway. En-route, you will also chance upon snaking lakes, green oasis, behemoth peaks, and deep gorges. Plan your itinerary through Shimla, Kalpa, Tabo, Losar, Jispa, Leh, Nubra Valley, Sarchu, and Manali to get the best of this life-altering experience.

Duration: 17 Days

Distance – 2500 k.m

Best time to visit- August to September

Skill level – High

6. Trail along the holy Ganges

The abode of the Ganges in Rishikesh is an off-beat trip that you can take on your bullet. Start your trip from Delhi to proceed to Jim Corbett National Park. From here, you can journey to Ranikhet – Nainital- Kausani. Drop into the confluence of Alakananda and Pindar rivers at Karnaprayag and the Sangam at Devaprayag. Jettison off to the calm Rishikesh and maybe trade your bike for a thrilling river rafting experience along the gushing white waters of the Ganges.

Duration – 12 days

Distance – 1200 k.m

Best time to visit –  April to September

Skill level – Low
7.  In the paths of the Royals – Rajasthan

The land of the Rajputs, Rajasthan beckons the adventurer in you to its rich abode of culture, art and architecture. Dive deep into the Mewar and Marwaad traditions starting from the Neemrana district. Visit the haunted Bhangarh Fort and proceed to Bundi and Chittorgarh district. Dip in the luscious lakes of Udaipur and wander through the astonishing forts of Jodhpur. You can end your trip in the Pink city of Jaipur to wrap up a thorough expedition through this once princely state.

Duration – 9 days

Distance – 1337 k.m

Best time to visit- October to March

Skill level – Medium

8. In pursuit of the Spice route – Kerala to Tamil Nadu

Explore the fascinating spice routes of South India that prompted Vasco De Gama and other famous explorers to set foot into India. From the exotic beachside to the splendid tea-plantations, breathe in the serene landscape of South India in this breezy expedition. Drop by to chit-chat with the locals of the Nilgiris while sipping on hot, authentic teas from the plantations. Cross over to Tamil Nadu and let this cultural landscape will put you in awe.

Duration- 15 days

Distance – 2050 k.m

Best time to visit- November to March

Skill level – Low

9.The teeming greenery of Western Ghats- Mumbai to Goa

From the city of Dreams to the City of Parties, the bike ride through the Western Ghats from Mumbai to Goa is enthralling in every way. The smooth highway offers a breezy riding experience wherein you can leisurely experience the greenery of the Western Ghats all along the way. You can stop by to relish upon the tantalizing Konkani cuisine 

Duration – 5 days

Distance – 575 k.m

Best time to visit –  September to March

Skill level -Low
10. A short trip if you are craving coffee – Vishakapattanam to Arakku valley

The beautiful landscapes of the Eastern Ghats and the graceful Bay of Bengal join hands in this short yet fascinating trip from Vishakapattanam to Arakku valley. The hilltop location of Arakku Valley is famous for its coffee and tribal craftworks. The winding roads and the mystifying beauty of the valley would be a great short trip to take if you have a sudden craving for authentic coffee.

Duration – 3 hours

Distance – 116 k.m

Best time to visit –  October to March

Skill level -Low

Important Things to Carry on your Royal Trip

  1. Bike insurance – Make sure that you have a valid insurance policy or renew your Royal Enfield insurance online before you embark upon this journey. An insurance policy is a mandatory document that you need to have with you. Without this, you will be liable to pay a fine of Rs. 2000/-. But most importantly if you ever land in any mishap, a bike insurance policy will be your savior.
  2. Protective gear – Driving through dangerous roads is no cakewalk. Ensure you have protective gear like helmet, leather jackets, knee, and elbow pads before you start your journey. This will minimize the injuries caused to your body in the event of an accident.
  3. Tracking system – Equip your bike with a GPS navigation and tracking system. This will help you in navigating the terrain as well as help authorities track you down in case you get lost. You can also track your bike if it gets stolen.
  4. Spare parts – For arduous journeys, you must always carry spare parts of your bike that are more susceptible to destruction. These include brake and gear cables, spark plugs, screws, nuts, and bolts. Also, have a basic understanding of repairing your bike.
  5. Weatherproof backpack – Make sure you buy a weatherproof backpack that will not give away in torrential rains and unbearable heat. Your backpack must at least be waterproof.


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