World Heritage Day: All You Need To Know About This Day

World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day is celebrated to preserve the golden history and construction of selected heritage sites of the world. It is celebrated every year on 18 April. This day is celebrated to make people aware of the rich heritage, so that people can understand their culture and tradition closely. Every year ICOMOS sets a theme for World Heritage Day, around which all kinds of activities and campaigns are run. This year the theme is ‘Heritage and Climate’.

History of World Heritage Day

An international organization had proposed the protection of famous buildings and sites around the world at an international summit to be held in Stockholm. After this was passed, the UNESCO World Heritage Center was established. Then World Memorial Day was celebrated on 18 April. In the initial days, only 12 sites were included in this list. After this, in 1982, the International Council of Monuments and Sites named it World Heritage Day. UNESCO announced it in 1983.

Importance of World Heritage Day

Old buildings and places may become dilapidated with time, but they bear witness to different histories, there are many tales associated with the walls of old places, from defeat-victory to art and culture here as evidence. In such a situation, through World Heritage Day, an attempt is made to remove the dust on these stories.

There are different ways of celebrating it all over the world, heritage walks are organized in many places, oaths are taken to protect the heritage and in many places campaigns are organized to make people aware of them.