World Cup’s around the corner and the Cricket Fever is on. Here are the 5 benefits of playing Cricket.


Cricket- a sport that unites our country. The popularity of this beautiful game has reached the skies over the years. As almost every Indian is a cricket fanatic, it is rightly said that cricket is a form of religion in India. From following each and every match avidly to idolizing the cricketers, India leaves no stones unturned to show their affection towards this game. For cricket-lovers across the globe, world cup is a much-awaited event. This year the Cricket World Cup is scheduled to be hosted by England and Wales from 30th May to 14th July. Since World Cup is around the corner and the cricket-fever is on, we’ll be discussing cricket and the benefits of playing it on a regular basis.

Endurance and stamina

In order to be good at cricket, one has to be fit and strong as it requires sprinting between the wickets. Since a lot of running involved in this game, the endurance of the player is enhanced.  Since running is a good form of cardio exercise, it also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in the long term.

Improved motor skills

Good hand-eye coordination is a must for the batsmen to hit the ball in the desired direction. In fact, every aspect of this game requires balance and coordination. Therefore, practicing cricket on a regular basis results in improved motor skills.


Cricketers dedicate hours working on their flexibility as it impacts their overall performance on the field. Flexibility develops over a period of time with regular practice. Therefore, cricket is certainly going to make you a lot more flexible than you already are.

Muscle Toning

Just like any other sport, cricket is going to help you in having a well-toned body, thereby enhancing your overall physique.

Team skills

Apart from health benefits, cricket can also benefit you by improving your social skills and leadership qualities. As cricket is a team sport, it requires cooperation and contribution of each and every team member. It gives you an opportunity to interact with numerous people, thereby improving your communication skills. Moreover, cricket can serve as a great platform to make new friends.

Lastly, while playing cricket you must be vigilant about your safety. Make appropriate use of cricket gears to reduce the risk of injuries. In addition to that, you must also buy a health insurance policy to protect yourself from the medical expenses, in case of an injury. Health insurance plans cover major accidents to minor injuries and reduce the financial burden by taking care of treatment cost. Moreover, considering the uncertainty of life itis always beneficial to have health insurance in place. With Finserv Markets, you can get Health insurance plans at most competitive prices and customize it to according to your needs.