Why you Need Ladakh Trip Once in Lifetime


Those who have been to Ladakh even once in their lives, describe it as ‘heaven’s replica’ and ‘paradise on earth’, ‘most picturesque location in the world’ to name a few. Many of those who still haven’t had the opportunity must not turn away their heads like the fox in the tale, calling it ‘sour grapes’. Ladakh is one of the coldest and yet the most spectacular place in India for a traveler to visit. If you’re a traveler who can adapt to different altitudes and climates, you must do yourself a favor and visit Ladakh. The adventure is enhanced ten-fold if you rent a bike like Royal Enfield and ride to the mountains, not missing an ounce of the magnificent landscape.

The intimidating mountains at a distance, the gushing streams of clear water, forget-me-not blue sky with wisps of white clouds and the panoramic view of the valley is a real treat to the eyes and you can breathe in lungsfull of fresh air.

Apart from the view one even gets to relish the delicious momos and thukkpas made in the traditional Indo-Tibetan style that will leave you waning for more. And if you’re even remotely interested in learning about the cultures of different ethnic groups, you’ll love Ladakh all the more. The people celebrate festivals like Losar, Hemis, NaroNasjal etc., painting the town in a riot of colours accompanied with dances and songs, native to the place. Even the well known Buddhist monasteries allow you to meditate in peace and find you way inwards, the most difficult journey.

The sunrise in the mountains is another attraction that pulls travelers to ladakh. At the break of dawn the mountains turn to gold. The peaks appear golden, as if painted in the colour deliberately. Even if you’ve been to Ladakh for a whole week, you’ll want to see that spectacle every morning because you can never get enough of that beautiful Aurora who rides her chariot through the mountains, her curly locks lighting up the way. You just stand in awe of that creator as you drink in the magical scenery.

Those of you who love trekking and mountain biking have definitely nurtured a desire to go to Ladakh. The hilly terrain with numerous well-known passes like Tanglang La, Chang La, Kardung La, Wari La, and Namshang La is one of the most popular destinations for trekking for those who can brave the climatic conditions. Even many love to test their bike riding skills in the rugged and uneven terrain. You can rent a bike in Manali and ride to Ladakh with your friends. Wheelstreet also offers packages for tourists who wish to see Ladakh.

Apart from this if you visit Ladakh, it is a must to see the most beautiful dans la monde- lake Pangong Lake. If you’re a fan of Shahrukh Khan you’ll definitely remember the scene from ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ where he rode his Bullet by the Pangong Lake and managed to woo many a girls’ hearts. If you have a love for riding, you can easily get a bike on rent to visit Ladakh and live that epic scene from the movie for real.

Your travel diary is incomplete without a page full of anecdotes of Ladakh and it’s a guarantee that even if you’ve been there several times, it will be a once in a lifetime experience as Ladakh has something new to offer every time you visit.