Why is SAS a Must Have Analytics Skill?

SAS a Must Have Analytics Skill
SAS a Must Have Analytics Skill

Data analytics is fast emerging as the perfect career path for many. With an ever growing market, data analytics offers a lucrative and secure career path. Moreover due its application in a number of sectors, the need for skilled individuals is also increasing at a breakneck pace. Two factors- Growing Big data trend and constant change in customer choices has led companies to invest more on data analytics. To gain an advantage over their rivals, everyone wants to be profited by the methods such as predictive analytics and cloud computing.

Trends in the world of Data Analytics –

  • Business Analytics market was estimated to be around $44.5 Billion in 2015 and is forecasted to increase beyond $70 Billion within 2022(Stratistics MRC).
  • Now even banking and manufacturing industry is investing on big data analytics to spot potential customers and prevent frauds.
  • The predictive analytics market in the world is seeing a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 22.1% which indicates that within 2022 the market will grow to a whopping 12 Billion USD.

Thus, it is of no doubt that the employment scenario in data analytics is brilliant and it is a smart career choice. However it is also important to take note of the skills in demand in the world of analytics. Employers generally look for a particular set of skills in the job seekers and a lot depends upon that.

Must have skill in the world of Data Analytics – SAS

Founded in 1976, SAS has been a key contender and a market leader in the commercial analytics space. The SAS software suite is used by most of the Fortune 500 companies and its language too has a commanding popularity.

Although R and Python have cut into much of its market share, SAS is very popular among the corporate biggies and has a very good demand. With more than 85K client sites around the globe, demand for SAS professionals are always high. SAS has a global presence by the virtue of which it has been able to tap into the booming digital market of Asia. SAS institute Malaysia has already made a mark and is offering plenty of opportunities.

Advantages of SAS –

  • SAS is easy to learn. A great GUI offers quick support and thus most are able to learn it fast.
  • SAS is often opted for the security it offers. Thus, Finance and Healthcare both prefer SAS over any other options.
  • SAS excels in Data mining and Text mining. Business organizations need to collect data from a large number of sources after which it is used for data mining and text mining to arrive at conclusion and take effective decisions. Thus, most of the corporate biggies use SAS and this is why if your aim is to secure a job at a big company then SAS can be a great choice.
  • SAS skills will definitely help in getting a pay hike as demand for SAS trained individuals is always high.

Thus, enrolling for a training program from SAS institute Malaysia is not only promising but also a necessary step for data analytics professionals.