Why Is Agriculture Important For A Nation To Grow?


There are number of reasons that explain the importance of agriculture. The most important of all is the need to eat. Agriculture is the only source that provides food for every human. If no one would have worked on agriculture, there would have been no food for human being to eat daily.

Farmers are those people who work hard to grow crops but most of the farmers are unable to sell the crops due to lack of time. Here comes the role of agriculture dealer. An agriculture dealer is the person who buys crops from the farmer and sells in the market. To become an agriculture dealer it is essential for the person to get bonded with an agricultural bond.

Agriculture is related to various science fields like dairy science, botany, chemistry and soil science. You can also call these sciences as a branch of agriculture.


Talking about why is agriculture illustrious? The view of food security is notable and this is why agriculture is quite significant. The work of feeding people has its own charm and has been perhaps the first precedence of its ruler throughout the old times. Since time memorial, agriculture is considered as the origin of political and social constancy of the nation.

Agriculture has played an important role in the development of human civilization. A huge population worked on agriculture awaiting the industrial rebellion. Today, the agriculture techniques have advanced and have increased the agricultural productivity. Fairly a number of farm workers undertake a range of crop cultivation and care for farm animals. In major countries of the world, agriculture is the major sector of employment and feeding people.

Agriculture is something that produces food, fiber and goods through farming and forestry. Major products of agriculture can be grouped into fuels, foods, raw materials, fibers, and prohibited drugs. Cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat are the exact food. Yarn, wool, flax and silk are fibers, and lumber, bamboos are the raw materials obtained from farming.

Some drugs are also obtained from farming and they are cocaine, tobacco, alcohol. There are some more useful drugs that are obtained from plants. Development in agriculture has raised agricultural productivity.

In conclusion we can see that agriculture is the most important economy of the world as it contributes greatly to the international deals and the main items that are imported and exported by the countries are agricultural products. Hence to keep a nation growing, it is important for the political leaders to look after the strengthening of agriculture.