Why Helo is a true Indian Social Network


Evolution is a constant process and anything that fails to evolve will eventually die down. Talking of evolution in social media, a generation which started with the most basic form of social networking, has seen it grow in phases to the brilliance that we are witnessing today. It is the survival of the fittest as per Sir Darwin, and to evolve is the future of social media applications. One such evolved and new-age product is the Helo social app.

What makes Helo app a winner at its very inception you ask? The fact that it was created targeting vernacular content by offering users 14 vernacular languages to choose from as their default Helo language. In the past few years, social media giants realized that regional content is key to understand user behavior and engage users in a far more natural platform ecosystem.

Our desi and even global desi Helo friends can now connect in the language they are comfortable with. These days, the importance of showing off English socially has been waning. And rightly so; people have become more aware of the confidence seamless communication can bring and thereby the need to embrace one’s own mother tongue. Now you may talk on Helo in your mother tongue and express your heart out.

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The second and most important reason Helo is here to stay amongst Indians is that the brand is socially aware and has been a part of consistent and conscious campaigns that highlight social issues like controlling fake content to blacklisting fake profiles. Campaigns like #EverGreenLove is yet another highlight that sets the brand apart around it’s prospective and current user base of the Helo. How to use this app has the simplest answer – Just download Helo from your app store, the app is so seamless and user-friendly that one does not need to feel scared of the new technology.

Apart from being one of the best amalgamations of popular social media features like chat, chatting with a snap, sharing viral videos, trending content, events, etc., it also tries to maintain very strict community standards with its set of guidelines for the content acceptable on Helo. It is available in 14 Indian languages for Indian and global desis, who are comfortable with one or more of the languages offered.

The Helo app is a great social media platform for global-desis, who yearn to engage with more and more content in their own mother tongue, it is a great space for such specific audiences and connecting with users from tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India as well.

The fact that Helo India has over 50 million monthly active users is a testimony to its growing popularity in such a short span of time.