Why elearning is necessary in the technological era?


There’s no denying that the popularity of the digital solutions is growing at a rapid scale in all domain of activity. All the things are fast transforming. For every industry, there are digital Software, professional tools and innovation-focussed solutions available.

Education and training are presently evolving at a rapid pace. In the past few years, elearning has emerged as an essential trend. Conventional learning is losing its sheen as people are more inclined to interact with technology. As young generation is becoming an integral part of the modern workforce, it is tough to imagine a time with no instant messaging, ebooks, online courses etc.

Things have undergone fast change and we are currently seeing a humongous boom in the mobile learning platforms in India, which is expected to continue in the coming years as well.

Latest reports suggest that the elearning activity is capable of boosting the retention rate by nearly 25-60% as compared to traditional learning that lingers nearly 8-10%. Thanks to the popularity and usage of learning management system, the elearning domain is growing at a rapid scale.

In this article, we will take a close look at few of the essential advantages of mobile learning platform.

  • High on flexibility

A learning management system allows the users to learn at their own pace and decide their own schedule, ensuring better time management. The busy employees will be allowed to develop an efficient learning schedule, which is most suitable for them and allows people to learn on regular basis.

  • Cost effective

Everyone knows that face to face training is expensive and time consuming. It encompasses identifying a trainer, booking of venue, equipment and transportation, cost related to food and accommodation.

A mobile learning platform is an inexpensive option that helps the users to access online learning from their respective devices. There are innumerable elearning providers, hence select a partner best suited for your budget. In the presence of in-house capability, we suggest an elearning authoring tool.

  • Increased number of choices

A mobile LMS is beneficial for companies and organisations as it allows the employees to explore innumerable learning options capable of complementing the mandatory training provided by businesses.

  • Self-discipline

Self-discipline is key for self-focussed elearning programmes with the aim to maintain productivity. It allows learners to take complete control of the learning process

Why e-learning matters

In an age where technology is so important, learners want to access learning available online. There are varied advantages of providing elearning to the employees and wider audiences. Thoughtful learning design and creativity are capable of resolving the common misconceptions that are impacting the early adoption of elearning in India.

A learning management system is capable of working to your advantage when the available technology is utilised to its full potential. There’s no reason to be frightened when you are utilising a mobile learning platform as it is capable of supporting the overall learning process. In addition to our tips mentioned above, there are innumerable other benefits of using a mobile LMS.