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Why Chocolates are one of the best birthday’s gifts


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Don’t think twice about giving chocolates as presents at birthdays. Your loved ones will thank you for providing them with a sweet, smooth and great-tasting food that is also good for their overall health.Here are the top reasons you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about giving this satisfying treat (especially the dark ones) as Birthday Chocolates to friends and loved ones.

1. Chocolate improves cognitive efficiency

Eating chocolate on a periodic basis can lead to better cognitive functioning — including brain functions such as reasoning, memory, attention, and language. A study on food observed that, regardless of other dietary habits, chocolate consumption was associated with cognitive performance.

2. It is good for the heart

Dark chocolate helps restore artery flexibility and stop white blood cells from getting lodged to blood vessel walls. Scientists have found in research that eating dark chocolate is good for the heart and can play a useful role in fighting atherosclerosis, a disease associated with plaque buildup within the arteries.

3. Reduces memory loss

Drinking two cups of hot chocolate a day can help to prevent memory loss and maintain brain health. A research found that hot chocolate helped enhance blood flow to vital components of the brain (and increased blood flow), indicating that chocolate can enhance memory and cognition. Different brain areas require more energy to finish their tasks and hence more blood flow. This connection (neurovascular coupling) can also play a significant part in the fight against diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Mineral abundance

A good collection of useful minerals such as potassium, zinc and selenium is packed with dark chocolate. A 100 gram bar of dark chocolate (70% or more) offers 67% of iron RDA, a significant component of hemoglobin that helps red blood cells carry lung oxygen throughout the body.

5. Healthy skin as well!

It was a prevalent misconception that chocolate was the cause of breakouts of skin acne. But the myth was debunked. Science today has demonstrated that dark chocolate is a good source of flavonols— a group of crop metabolites with excellent antioxidant impacts. These flavonoids can fight against skin damage. Also, flavonoids fight free radicals in the bloodstream (molecules that have lost an electron and attacked DNA, enzymes and proteins or cell membranes). Of course, this does not imply that if you consume dark chocolate, you can skip wearing sunscreen!

6. Chocolate enables you feel better.

Chocolate includes phenylethylamine (PEA), the same chemicals your brain produces when you feel like you’re in love. PEA promotes your brain to release endorphins that are good for you.

Also, don’t forget that chocolate has a high number of calories and can contain large quantities of sugar. Even when it comes to chocolate, moderation is essential.

7. Less stress for Moms

According to a study, eating chocolate reduced stress in expectant mothers. What is even more fascinating is that the babies of these chocolate-eating mothers smiled more than those of non-chocolate-eating ones.


Thus, buy birthday chocolates online and gift it to your loved ones without any guilt as chocolates are loved by all. Plus, eating chocolates has so many other benefits which promotes good health. So, make birthdays special with this sweet birthday gift.


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