Why Businesses Are Migrating Their Data to the Cloud


The digital explosion is ongoing and every single business needs to cultivate a strong digital presence and the way we do business is also changing, with cloud-based data storage solutions. The cloud is a term that refers to remote data servers and storing your business data on the cloud brings with it many benefits.

How Does the Cloud Work?

Basically, when an organisation migrates to the cloud, they are storing their critical data on secure servers and a secure network is created, which can be accessed by authorised people. This means that your office no longer needs to have filing cabinets, as every single document and report is digitalised and stored on the cloud. Using IT equipment removal from Tecdis Network, your new office will consist of workstations, from where employees can carry out their work, plus you can create permission hierarchies to control who has access to what.

Free Business Communication

Once you have a secure cloud network, you can use this for business communication with programs like Zoom and Skype, which will save you a fortune in telephone bills. VoIP solutions enable audio and video to be transmitted via the Internet and your employees can use any digital device to contact other employees or customers.

Boost Office Productivity

If you added up the many occasions in a single day when one of your office staff needs to locate a document from one of the many filing cabinets, you would find a considerable amount of time was wasted. With cloud solutions, however, the employee can instantly bring up any document they need and that will really boost employee productivity. Click here for more information on cloud servers.

Comprehensive Cyber-Security

When you store all your business data on remote servers, you need to be sure that the network is secure and the managed IT services provider who administrates your network, would also offer state of the art data protection.

Access from any Location

If one of your sales team wants to see a customer profile to prepare for a field call, they can access the data from any location, using any device. You might be with a client and would like to pull up some data, or while abroad, you might like to take a look at last month’s sales figures; all is possible with cloud solutions.

Free Up Valuable IT Resources

Once your business data is on the cloud, you no longer need to have large computer programs installed on your workstation computers, which makes the machine faster, plus the office computers will be able to perform all duties without having to process data. If you would like to learn more about cloud business solutions, talk to a managed IT service provider who offers a wide range of essential IT services. There are many benefits to migrating to the cloud and a leading managed IT service provider can be found with a Google search and you can take the first steps towards setting up a secure network to store your data.