Why an MRI is prescribed?


We all know that the full form of MRI is magnetic resonance imaging. This is a certain test with which the doctors can get to examine the tissues, bones and other organs that are present inside the human body. By doing this test, the doctors can easily diagnose of there is any disease or any injury on those organs and parts of the body.

There are many MRI centres in Hyderabad where one can get their tests done when the doctors prescribe them to do so. Now, the question is why a doctor goes for an MRI test? We,, when a regular X ray test or a CT scan cannot come out with enough information about the patient’s body or they cannot really detect what is going inside the organs of the body then an MRI test is prescribed to get detailed information about them. Also, by doing an MRI a doctor can also check if the ongoing treatment of any particular disease on the patient is working correctly on them or not.

Conditions that an MRI can diagnose

It has been mentioned earlier that an MRI is done to get the images of the body. So, when a doctor prescribes an MRI to a patient regarding brain and spinal cord, then they might be looking for:

  • A brain tumour.
  • Any problems with the eye and the inner ear.
  • If there is any kind of weakened or a bulging blood vessel present in the brain.
  • An injury in the brain.
  • Multiple sclerosis or the disease which damages the outer coating that protects the nerve cells.
  • Some spinal cord injuries.

When an MRI is prescribed for blood vessels and heart, then the doctor is mainly looking for:

  • Heart valve issues.
  • If there is any kind of swelling or blockage in the blood vessels.
  • Problems with the main artery of the body called aorta.
  • If there is some damage as a result of a heart attack.
  • Any kind of problems with the chambers or the structures of the heart walls.
  • Any kind of inflammation on the tissues that surround the heart.
  • If there is any kind of tumour formations in the heart chambers.

If a doctor is prescribing their patients with an MRI for the bones and joints then they are mostly looking for:

  • If there is any bone infections.
  • If the patient is suffering from acute arthritis.
  • If there is any kind of damage in the joint like torn ligaments, cartilage or tendons.
  • If there is any tumour in the bones and joints.
  • The fractures that do not appear clearly on X rays.
  • If there is any spinal cord compression or herniated discs.

An MRI of the breast is mainly done because:

  • In order to screen the breast cancer in a woman’s body if they already have a very strong family history in this particular disease.
  • In order to check how big the existing tumour has become and how much it has already spread in the woman’s body along with the breasts.
  • In order to check that after a proper chemotherapy or surgery whether the cancer has resurfaced in the body or not.
  • In order to check if the implants have ruptured or not.

It is also said that MRI’s can be done in order to find out certain issues in the body organs like liver, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, prostrate in men and ovaries in women.


It is a special kind of MRI which is also termed as the functional MRI. This is mainly done in order to check the brain activity of a human being and it is done by measuring the blood flow in some particular areas of the brain. This test is prescribed by the doctors only when they cannot gauge the damage which is done to a body by diseases like Alzheimer’s or a sudden injury in a brain. This test is done to check if the patients need any kind of surgery for the brain tumours or epilepsy as well.

MRI and procedures

The patient can always ask the doctor why they need an MRI test when they are prescribed one. They can also enquire about the benefits and risks of undertaking this test and clear all their doubts that they have in their mind. Before taking the test, one needs to tell the doctor if they already have a heart issue or a kidney disease or if they have undergone any surgery recently. A woman should also let the doctor know if they are pregnant when an MRI is prescribed to them. They can also let the doctor know if they have breathing issues, asthma or allergy in any food and medicine.

One should always remember that no metals are allowed inside the MRI room because the room has a very strong magnetic field and the machine that performs the test can easily attract any kind of metals. So, if one has body piercings, drug pumps, artificial heart valves, metal fragments, metal limbs or joints, ICD or a pacemaker, then they need to inform the doctor about it. Sometimes, one also let the doctors know if they have tattoos on body because some tattoo inks have metal in them.

During the day of the test, one has to remove the clothes and change into a loose hospital gown before entering the test room. They need to leave outside the cell phones, dentures, coin bags, eyeglasses, hearing aids, watches, keys and underwire bras. The best MRI centre in Hyderabad will take at least 20 to 90 minutes to finish the test depending on which part of the body is being tested.

If someone has problems with enclosed spaces, then they can also go for an open MRI test or else the doctor can give them some medications to relax and stay still while the test is being done. this is because; if the patients does not lie still, then the images will not come out clear.