Which Industries Need 2 Factor Authentication Service Providers?

Which Industries Need 2 Factor Authentication Service Providers?

Authenticating or verifying a user beforehand letting them access a safe application is an essential security step required to safeguard the online assets of your company. The username/password grouping has long been the predictable method employed to verify users and confirm identity, but password safety is intrinsically flawed. Deprived password practices, like reusing a similar password for different apps or selecting an easy, guessable passcode, keep operations at peril. To contradict this danger, you may change to highly developed types of authentication.

Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA is an additional layer of safety that needs a user to put forward an extra authentication factor together with their username/password. This second verification factor is generally somewhat the user possesses or somewhat that is exclusive to the user. This many-layered, protection-in-depth method to verification alleviates the peril of the automatic attacks that epidemic sole password verification solutions.

The utilization of 2FA to safeguard systems is not obligatory for each industry. Though, 2FA is a required evaluation to fulfill a specific password limitation in segments like healthcare, finance, law enforcement, defense, and government.


The finance segment has long employed the 2FA method. In fact, every time you employ an ATM, you are employing 2FA—you require both your password and your ATM card to go through your bank account. Since more financial service providers go online, financial companies require this appended layer of safety to safeguard clients as well as their assets.

Any company that processes and accumulates card payment details also has to fulfill PCI-DSS. This signifies they may need to go a step extra, offering over 2-authentication factors to make sure their safety. These organizations have moreover had to alter vendor-completed default records and named accounts for each user who has entry to cardholder details.

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The HIPPA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was made to safeguard the seclusion of a person’s healthcare details. In HIPAA, healthcare companies require putting measures in position to implement password safety. This does not state the integration of 2FA but does need companies to address password safety practices. Since in the finance world, 2FA can make sure that healthcare companies have high norms of password safety and are acquiescent with industry rules.


The US Military employs 2FA or two factor authentication through the Common Access Card or CAC provided to active responsibility Uniformed Service workers, Chosen Reserve, Dodd resident employees, and entitled contractors. This card offers armed users with substantial access to buildings and forbidden spaces and also gives access to DoD system networks as well as systems.

Law Enforcement

US Law Enforcement organizations who use the CJIS or Criminal Justice Information Services of the FBI need multi-factor verification to way in the National Crime Information Center. If officers of the US Law Enforcement way in the NCIC through a mobile workstation, handheld tool, or from an unsafe location, they need 2FA.

US Government

For many years, 2FA has been an obligatory need for seeing government websites. This accomplishment plan has also directed the NCSA, a non-profit, public-private Company, to associate with the most important technology vendors like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft to encourage the usage of 2FA.

Whether an organization is not compelled to put up with the terminologies fixed in the rules or legal and governmental needs conversed, 2FA is still extremely important. Integrating a 2FA solution may assist any company in fortifying the safety of their systems, information, and client information.