What You Need To Know Before Calling A TV Repair Professional?


Most people don’t realize how addicted they are to television. This is the ultimate entertainment appliance, and one only thinks of its importance when the TV is not working as expected. TV Repair Company, which specializes in LG TV repair and other brands in Greater Toronto Area, brings a guide for things homeowners should know before they call in a professional for repairs.

Understanding the common problems

Much like any appliance, the television may stop working normally, and usually, the problem is mechanical, unless someone has been messing with the connections. There are various issues that can be associated with a TV, and knowing these gives a fair idea as for when you should seek help. Here’s a list of common problems.

  1. Television is not turning on.
  2. Television turns on and off many times on loop.
  3. There is no sound.
  4. You can hear the sounds, but there is no picture on the TV.
  5. The images seem discolored.
  6. The images seem distorted and stop in between play.
  7. There are vertical or horizontal lines on the screen
  8. Television is making unexpected sounds

Now, these problems don’t always mean you have to call a professional immediately. Below is a quick guide on things you can do.

Fixing television problems at home

Contemporary televisions are very different from what we have seen in the 80s and 90s. Now we have flat screens instead of big boxes, and the number of mechanical parts has reduced considerably. This simply means that you cannot attempt a DIY repair at home, especially if the fault is a mechanical one in the first place. You can consider options like –

  • Checking the connections. If any of the connections to the television is loose or knocked out, you may not get sound or input. This is quite possible, and all you have to do is check all the connections and make sure that all things are connected as required.
  • Reviewing the home theatre. In case you have a sound problem, don’t blame the TV immediately, especially when there is a home theatre in place. Review the connections and make sure all the settings are done right.
  • Checking the Sky Box. It is possible that the Sky Box has a problem with reception, which is why you are not getting any picture. In many cases, when the reception is poor, the images may get struck, and this is not a problem with your TV.
  • Confirming the TV settings. If there is a problem with the aspect ratio and other things, settings might have gone wrong. You can choose to opt for a factory restore, or simply change the settings as required.

DO NOT attempt to open the television set at your end, unless you are a professional repairman. This can cause more harm than good, besides the obvious risks of dealing with an electronic appliance. Modern flat screen TVs cannot be repaired at home unless you are calling the experts of TV Repair Company. In most cases, an initial inspection is to be done, based on which the company will decide the repair options.

Calling professionals from TV Repair Company for help

When you know that none of the above fixes have worked, you need to get in touch with a company that specializes in repairs. If you are anywhere in Toronto, TV Repair Company should be able to help in no time. The company is one of the most professional services around, and they usually get things done within one business day. TV Repair Company is extremely efficient with most kinds of brands and televisions, and you can also contact them to repair things like home projectors, video cassette recorders, SKY box, DVD and cd players, and professional audio equipment. The company has its own team of TV repair experts, who are certified, trained, and experienced, and you can only expect the best from them.

Coming to the point, here’s what you can expect from a reliable service-

  1. Immediate response. When you have a non-functional TV at home, you don’t want to wait for days before getting help. First things first, find a company that will take care of your TV problem immediately. TV Repair Company does that, and unless it’s a complicated issue, you can expect your TV to be working in a day.
  2. A quick evaluation. You cannot understand the costs or anything related to service costs, unless, of course, you know what’s wrong with the TV in the first place. It is more than important the company you choose does an evaluation and offers a written or verbal report on what has gone wrong.
  3. An estimate in advance. You don’t want to pay a huge price later, so getting an estimate is an absolute must. Make sure that the estimate is a detailed one, where the cost of services and parts are mentioned separately, and it should be the final price payable. In case the repairmen find something wrong beyond what they expected, they should communicate with you.
  4. Experience with brands. TV Repair Company deals in all sorts of televisions – LCD Televisions, Plasma Televisions, LED Televisions, CRT Televisions, and Rear Projection Televisions. You need to find a company that specializes in all types of televisions and also has experience with diverse brands. From Samsung TV repair to LG and more, they should know what they are doing.
  5. Warranty on the job. Now, that’s also important because if parts are being replaced, it would make no sense to spend again on the same repairs 10 days later. TV Repair Company offers a 90-day warranty on most repair jobs, subject to terms and conditions, which is a great thing.

You can check the website of TV Repair Company to know more on their services. They also have a flat 10% off on every order for seniors, which again is a nice way to give it back to the community. Call up a repair professional who is experienced and will do their best to get your TV up and running, even if that means spending a tad more.