What Type of Refrigerator You Should Choose for Your Home?


Summer or fall a refrigerator is an essential part of a modern kitchen. We can’t easily reinstall a refrigerator as we do with a smartphone. Before purchasing a fridge, we need to consider on our budget, eating habits, kitchen room design, etc. What kind of a refrigerator you should choose for your house, our guide will show you the way.

Refrigerator Types:

There are many boxy and sexy refrigerators in the market to choose from. Mainly we get to see five styles of fridges in the market. Popular brands like LG refrigerators, Samsung refrigerators, etc can be brought in these configurations.

Top Freezer:

It is the most common traditional-style of a refrigerator that has the freezer compartment on top. It has fewer features than other refrigerators, but it still offers decent storage capacity for less cost.

Bottom Freezer:

This type of fridges has similar features that found in the top freezer models. The only different is that the freezer is located at the bottom. It is easier for people to reach foods in the fridge. To store and organize food items, some models have freezer drawers.

French Door:

These kinds of fridges are best for the buyers who have limited space in their kitchens. You can vertically-split the door and access both sides of the refrigerator easily. These kinds of fridges are costly, but they do have more features and functions than other refrigerator types.


A standard side-by-side refrigerator has a sleek and modern design with slim and narrow double opening doors. It has a water filter and an ice-maker inbuilt. A side-by-side fridge can save some space of your kitchen, but it’s hard to store large platters and even a pizza box.


A compact is ideal for offices, hotel rooms, bedroom, dorm room and home mini bars. This is why Americans buy millions of these fridges each year. Compact refrigerators are various types tall, two doors and cube.

Refrigerator Options and Features:

Nowadays, refrigerators are getting smart to smarter with Wi-Fi and touch screen functionality. Once you made your mind what type of refrigerator you want to purchase, you can choose from features, functions, and options they are sold. Manufacturers are continuously adding more new features to turn them into smart refrigerators.

Energy Efficiency. Always a fridge to buy energy efficient and has lower operating costs. Just save electricity bills, but also to reduce the carbon footprint.

If you want to purchase a refrigerator with good energy efficiency, ask your sales representative for more details.

Shelve and Shelf Adjusters. Buy a fridge that comes with adjustable rack system, so that you can manage the position of the shelf, drawers, and bins.

Storage and Bin Storage size. Make sure the drawers and bins in your refrigerator have ample space to store your favorite pizza box, fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, eggs, etc. Also, door storage is considerable. Check if the door storage has enough space and height to store a range of bottle sizes like milk, soft drinks, etc.

Temperature and Climate Control.  Some fridges have the system for controlling the climate of drawers and bins. Check this option of the refrigerator you are buying out. It is essential to keep food items fresh and last longer.

Water Dispensers and Ice Makers. You may like or not buy water dispensers, and ice makers are quite useful in some regards. Usually, the pricier refrigerators have an automatic ice maker or a water dispenser, or both.

Antibacterial coating and Air Filters. Antibacterial coating system helps to prevent the growth of bacteria both in the food and in the interiors of the fridge. This keeps your fridge clean and makes your food last longer. Also, air filters system reduces odor from the refrigerator.

Make Sure the Fridge will fit in the space you allocated in your house. Also, keep in mind if the doors of your house are full enough the fridge to go through.

Warranties. Without warranty and customer service, don’t buy any fridge.