What Spots Jaipur Has Reserved for Kids?


A seasonal tour to the historical city like Jaipur is indeed quite charming, exploring the matchless beauties which could be educational too, if you have kids. The kids can learn the history here.

The city is adored for its comprehensive exquisiteness from hills to royal palaces, small and big turbulent lakes all lightens up the city with their distinct splendor. The welcoming city invites you to be a part of this graceful journey. Understanding the deep-rooted history of the place and telling it to kids are something you would never want to miss. An in-depth study of Amer fort will surely intimate you to the ancient glory of the city.

Why did Amer fort always steals the attention?

The intriguing architecture, the ornamentation of work on both walls as well as ceiling will surely fix your gaze. Not only that the impeccable integration of both Rajput and Muslim work somewhere accentuates the grandeur of the fort to the manifold. From interior to the exterior, the place has some uniqueness, which surely makes it the honor and vanity of Jaipur.

Therefore, book your stay in one of the recognized five-star hotels in Jaipur and the exquisiteness of the Amer Fort with below mentioned distinguished features- 

  • Diwani-e-Khas and Diwani-e-Am: Once the lens of your eyes stills to grip, the ingenious designs of the Diwani-e-Khas or the hall of private audience etches deep insight with a gentle mesh of mosaic ornamentation in the glass. This is the place where the Maharaja used to converse with the invitees and other state ministers while the king continued his public meetings and conversations in the Diwani-e-Am. The architecture of this place displays heavy design works segregated into two rows.
  • Sheesh Mahal: Somewhere the Sheesh Mahal amplifies the historical asset of Amer Fort. Obviously, if you want to witness an unparalleled work of glass, then Sheesh Mahal stands alone among the rest. The scrupulous glass paintings mostly detailing in flowers etched on the walls and ceilings surely augments the interior look of the place. The glass design becomes more exquisite when a candle is lit inside the hall. It simply gives an engrossing view as if innumerable stars are illuminating the room.
  • Sukh Mandir: The Sukh Niwas or Mandir is actually the place where the king used to spend the leisurely hours with his queens. The place tells a distinct story of architecture and Rajputs grandiose. The palatial doors crafted with ivory and sandalwood states the luxurious taste of the royals. The most striking feature is the narrow streams of water channel that cuts through the Niwas. It was said that the king opted to do so to create an artificial air circulation to introduce coolness inside it.
  • Kesar Kalahari: The Kesar Kayari garden is just adjacent to that of the Maota Lake. The marvelous star-shaped garden was used by the king to sow the saffron.
  • The elephant tour: This could be the one thing, which your kids will cherish every time in their life. The elephant riding is definitely full of ecstasy and joy. In fact, it exhilarates the tourists, especially children.

Hence, be ready to witness the royals but be at a five-star hotel in Jaipur to unwind both mentally and physically.