What Makes Trakmats Your Perfect Ground Protector?


At All Weather Access, we know the how much effort goes into nurturing and maintaining lush green lawns. Therefore, we offer great solutions to protect them from damage at times when there is a need to move heavy vehicles or equipment across parks, fields, lawns and sports fields etc. Similarly, we have solutions for covering the surface of muddy terrains when there is a need to move vehicles or heavy machinery over it.

One of our most versatile ground protection product are Trakmats, that are light weight protection covers for the ground. They safely allow the passage of heavy vehicles over them without causing any damage to the ground surface below. Their standard dimensions are 2440 x 1130 x 13 mm and they weigh 35 kg each. Here are some features of this product that make it so awesome:

Non-slip traction cylinders

This unique feature on the underside makes sure that these mats hold their firm grip over any kind of surface- mud, grass, soil or synthetic surface.

Self-cleaning grip surface

This feature makes sure that the top surface of these mats remains free of mud and grime, while maintaining a surface quality that gives a firm, non-skidding grip to the vehicles passing over it.

Strong yet lightweight

One must not doubt their strength after checking their weight. These mats, though very light in weight and easy to handle, are very tough. They can easily withstand the weight up to 60 tonnes on a hard, even surface.

Strategic colour

These mats are available in light grey and green colours, a feature that makes them ideal for use on grass surface. Black coloured mats are known to absorb a lot of heat in summers and damage the grass below. This is not a problem with grey or green coloured mats.

Possibility of joining

These mats can be easily and securely joined to each other by means of strong and sturdy two-way or four-way connectors that will make sure that the mats stay put despite heavy movement on them.

Tough surface

They are made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which confers a lot of toughness and resistance to these mats. Their surface withstands extreme temperature without any damage, is impervious to water, and does not crack during cycles of wetting and drying. The UV resistant surface also withstands long hours in sunlight.

Ergonomic design

These bog mats australia are made with hand cut-outs placed in the centre, making their handling not only easy, but also safe.

Flexible surface

At their thickness of above one centimetre, these strong bog mats australia are so flexible that they will bend a great deal without breaking.

Now that we know why Trakmats are the best protective guards for your ground surface, let us have a look at the possible uses for these mats. They can be used practically anywhere, like construction site, parks, lawns, sports fields, boat regattas, cemeteries, amusement parks, heritage sites, national parks, military sites, for landscaping purposes, golf courses and temporary roads.

The above points reiterate the benefits and utility of these protective mats. If you still have a question or query, please don’t hesitate to contact us.