What is Video Without Using Royalty-Free Music Library Or Copyright-Free Music?


Despite the unconditional popularity of royalty-free music among beginners to experienced videographers and content creators, a large number of people are still not aware of what a royalty-free music library is and how it can benefit their content. However, it’s obvious to be unaware because even those who know about it, they have a lot of confusion in their mind for “royalty-free music”.

Every music composer or video creator can relate to the feeling of shooting an amazing video, editing it to perfection and then realize something is missing to make their video outstanding. That missing part is the perfect track that you get from royalty-free music or copyright-free music sites. Using this kind of music is the only way to go legal. But did you know that as the name sounds, ‘FREE’ such “free” terms don’t exist? Before you start creating more confusion in your mind, the post will clear out what this phrase means to express.

Let’s get started!

What Is Royalty-Free Music In Simple Terms?

It simply refers to a type of music licensing that permits the purchaser of royalty-free classical songs, hip-hop or jazz or any other music track to pay for the music license only once and use the music as long as they want.

Copyright Or Royalty-Free Music Tracks Or Songs Aren’t Exactly Free

While the term ‘free’ might be included in their names, but it is not free. And this ‘free’ term might mislead many of you considering you get the music without paying anything in return.

Get more confused? Well, understand it in simpler terms. When you work with a royalty-free music site to buy their sensational music track or songs, you’re purchasing the license for the track/songs that you like the most. This will give you the ‘legal-license’ to use the music in your videos, content or anything wherever you required. And the company from whom you have purchased the license will pay the royalties to their music composers, songwriters or music producer.

This is the chain; where you won’t have to pay the royalties, but the site or company from whom you have purchased the music track does pay.

What Royalty And Copyright-Free Music Is And Isn’t?

Are you wondering that your thought still might be wrong? Here’s a quick rundown of some other misconceptions people have for it:

Music isn’t free to use- This is the most common misunderstanding of many newbies they think that if live classical music or any other track labeled as ‘royalty-free’, then it’s free to use. But that’s not true! The music they have chosen have to be paid to own the license to use it for a long time.

Copyright & royalty-free music isn’t the one thing- Although many uses both the terms together as an alternative name of each other the reality is far from this misconception. Copyright-free has no copyright and royalty-free means that music has copyright.

Listed all types & genres – The site offered the license to own such legal music to use isn’t limited to instrumental or background tunes, but have all types and genres of the music track that you’re looking for your creative videos.

Now you get the clear idea for this and also understands why royalty-free music is the way to go. It gives you the peace of mind that you’re going legal in all regards and nothing can harm you.