What is the Best Competitive Exam at School Level?


Olympiad is an exam conducted at the school level for children. It includes school curriculum. It is beyond school.  Some of the students feel preparing for this is a burden whereas few students make it their routine. We should see the positive side of everything, therefore parents feel, if their children give these tests then their children’s grades and their aptitude will increase.

Few of the things that Olympiad exams help in are:

1. Gaining knowledge.
2. Competitive spirit among students
3. Increases aptitude
4. Builds confidence.
5. Exposure.

These exams are conducted through independent organizations.

CREST Olympiads are the biggest exams. It focuses more on the practical knowledge of the student rather than theoretical knowledge. This shows where the students stand.

This exam is a foundation for the preparations for exams like JEE, NEET, etc. as they are highly competitive exams and are planning to be introduced online, in the near future.

Few subjects included in Olympiad exams.

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  • Cyber
  • Reasoning
  • French

There are two levels of exam for Olympiad, and two practice papers before the actual levels.
The ranks of these students will be decided by the academic council.
The students with higher marks get a better rank. In case students’ marks have tied then ranks will be determined on the basis of marks scored in the achievers section. Even then if the rank cannot be decided then they will check which student has lesser time to complete the paper. Even then if the ranks are not satisfied then the date of birth is checked and the student who is younger will be given a better rank.
In the worst case, the academic council takes a decision.


  • Top 5 students will be awarded with a medal and merit certificate.
  • Top 15 students will receive a merit certificate.
  • Top students (if they have registered from school) from every school  will receive a merit certificate.
  • Every student will be awarded a digital participation certificate.
  • All the awards will be sent to the school or the residential address provided by the student at the time of registration.

Olympiad for the first level is an objective type test which is duration of 60 minutes . For classes between 1-4 they will have to answer 60 questions and classes between 5-10 will have to answer 75 questions.
If the students register through the school they’re studying in, then their centers will be their school for the first level. If not, then the center will be shared to them a month prior to their exam.

Basic information:

Students will have separate questions for every class. The paper is in English. This exam is conducted during school working hours only.

The students who qualify or pass the first level can appear for the second level. Only students from class 3-10 can take up the second test. They are:

  • Top 5 students in a particular class who have given the first test.

Every section will have a different weightage.

  • Top 25 rankers in a particular class and zone.

If in case 15 students have scored 50% qualifying marks, then the class topper will be eligible to give the second level exam.

Getmyuni can be a platform for students to get certain information regarding this and it even helps students to link with the best schools and colleges. Olympiad exams help students to face competitive challenges that would be open to them at any point of time in future. This helps the students get exposure in real life and gives them full exposure.