What Herbs Would you take for a Weak Erection?


Erectile dysfunction is one of the leading causes of depression in men. The inability to sustain an erection that satisfies your partner is embarrassing and frustrating. This medical condition is on the rise across the world mainly because of nutritional value and lifestyle changes. Experts point to a weakening of erection to lack of vital nutrients and destructive daily activities that compromise on the production of sperms and the blood circulatory system, which is crucial in erection.

The dire need in society attributes to the formulation of supplements and drugs that enhance sexual function in men. Herbal supplements with respect to men’s sexual health are available in pharmacies near you; the easy availability of these drugs raises the question of legitimacy. It is only advisable to use supplements after direction from a health specialist; in fact, the brand of herbal supplement to purchase should be determined by a doctor.

The popularity of supplements is also attributed to their relatively cheap price as compared to conventional medication. Most of the supplements react with alcohol and interfere with medication hence the importance of consulting your doctor before purchasing.

There is little research available on most of these supplements. There is no verdict on the safety of supplement use. However, it is much safer to use the herbs as a natural remedy with zero risks.

Here are some herbs that help with weak erection.

Panax Ginseng

The plant has existed for over 2000 years with numerous health benefits. It is popular among Chinese and Koreans, which is used as a spice in most of their foods. While the root is the most nutritional part of Panax ginseng, Koreans also use the leaves and seeds in preparing their food and producing medicine. Ginseng is renowned for boosting energy levels and blood circulation in the body. The primary cause of weak erection is a poor supply of blood to the penis either because of low heart rate or clogged hence narrow arteries.

The roots release nitric oxide hence making the plant an oxidant in the body. Apart from boosting erectile function, it can be used to prevent premature ejaculation. Panax ginseng improves libido, penile rigidity, duration of erection, and overall satisfaction in sex. Other health benefits include concentration and stress alleviation.

The standard dosage for adults is 900mg 3 times a day for 8 weeks.


Maca is rich in amino acids, iodine, magnesium, and iron. There are three types; yellow, black, and red. Experts have different recommendations when it comes to the types of Maca; however, they have the same component.

The three are only strained in the plant; they 4 nutritional elements do not differ much in the three types. The medicinal value of this plant is alleviation of stress.

Experts relate high-stress levels of erectile dysfunction. Erection is not all about the physic, the mind plays a big part in the erection. It all starts in the min; the seduction and attraction that raise testosterone levels and in turn influence blood flow to the penis. Technically, stress is an unstable state of the mind. The mind controls neurons, which send messages to body tissues and muscles; stress compromises on this function. Maca focuses on freeing the mind thus allowing it to focus on emotions, which improve erection.

For adults, it is recommended to take 3gm for 8 weeks.


The evergreen tree originates from West Africa where it is extensively used to treat health complications including ED. The discovery of the bark of this tree to offer medicine goes back to 70 years ago when natives started using the herb. It is a naturally growing tree that is not dependent on seasons thus a sustainable source.

The primary function of Yohimbine is widening blood vessels to increase blood flow to the penis. For most cases of erectile dysfunction and weakening of erection, the width of the arteries is usually the problem. Rigidity and duration of erection are largely dependent on the blood supply to the penis. Also, Yohimbine increases sexual desire; you are likely to increase the frequency of sex after chewing the bark for several weeks.

Apart from widening blood vessels and boosting sexual desire, the herb activates penile nerves to release lubrication fluids that is a preliminary process in ejaculation. It also prolongs erection thus more satisfying. While it is naturally available and in plenty, its specific location in West Africa makes it expensive to ship to users around the world. Cost is not a factor if you are keen to boost your sexual activity; the depression and embarrassment because of sexual dissatisfaction should cloud the cost element.

You don’t have to chew the bark, it is processed to liquid. 20mg every day for 8 weeks is standard dosage for adults.


It is popularly known as white ginger. The herb is mainly found in Uganda where it is widely used to increase sperm count and increase libido. Low sperm count may not be an issue with an erection but is likely to go with short and weak erections. Low libido and low sperm are symptoms of underlying medical conditions. If you are experiencing poor erection then these two also exist.

Mondiawhitei boosts sexual desire and increases testosterone levels. ED can also be managed with extracts from this plant.