What Are The Handy Tips To Unblocking Drains In London?


Every homeowner has to bear blocked drain at some point in time. Blocked drains are a real nuisance since they tend to interfere with the smooth functioning of activities in the building. If the drains are blocked, they will emit bad smell which is also hazardous for the health. To maintain a healthy environment, you must make sure to get rid of blocked drains. If you are unsure of clearing the drains, summon a professional to attend to the problem. As a professional plumber is equipped with the latest technology, he will easily identify the chief reason behind the blocked drain to get over with it. Unblocking drains in London is easier with professional assistance as the professional uses a new technology. He will unblock the drain in a way that there is no damage done to the drain line and pipes. You can also follow some DIY steps to unblocking of drains.

Steps to unclogging a blocked sink

If you are looking to unclog the sink, follow the tips:

  • Use a chemical drain cleaner to unblock the sink drain
  • Consider your system before buying any drain cleaner. The chemical must be suitable for the system. For instance, if it is a septic tank, you must choose an apt cleaner for septic tank
  • Just drain down the chemical and leave that 1-2 hours.

Tips to using a natural drain cleaner

If you do not wish to use the chemical drain cleaner, you may choose a natural one. Chemical cleaner can have caustic chemical to harm the drain and the environment. You can use vinegar and baking soda. Follow the steps:

  • Dry the sink and pour one cup of baking soda
  • Now pour 2 cups of boiling water. Wait for some time and again pour two cups of baking soda. After this, pour a cup of vinegar
  • Take the drain stopper and plug the drain with it. This will cause the baking soda and vinegar to foam. Push the foam and let it move down the drain. Now, release the clog.
  • If the foaming stops, pour 2 cups of boiling water down the drain. This will unclear the drain completely.

The tools you need for unblocking the drain

If you are looking to unblock the drains, you will need plumber snake or plumber auger. The long cord of wires may be 3-4 feet in length. Here one needs to lower the auger down to the drain till the blockage is accessed. After reaching the blockage, the auger is twisted and turned to break the blockage into small pieces. Secondly, for unblocking drains in London, you might also use a hydro jetters to unclog. This is the tool which makes uses water under a high pressure to unblock the drains. The nozzle of the tool is lowered and the water is released into the blockage.

The great advancement in technology has made it extremely simple to unblock the drains. Plumbers can use advanced tools to find out the plumbing problem and then proceed accordingly. The cause of the blocked drain may easily be identified with the help of a camera.