What Are The Different Types of Adjustable Wrenches?


Adjustable wrenches are preferred over box-end or open-end wrench even though they are slightly more expensive than others. But buying one adjustable wrench is equivalent to buying multiple fixed-type wrenches. They can fit pipes and faucets, screws and bolts and nuts are highly used in repairing industry. But many of you may not be aware of the different types of adjustable wrenches and may end up buying a wrong one. That is why it is important to understand the differences between the types available and go through toolsduty.com for more information on buying the best adjustable wrench from the lot.

Different Types Of Adjustable Wrenches –

Monkey Wrench – it is one of the most used adjustable wrenches on the list and it is used in large-scale projects. You can distinguish it from others by its long handle. It has jagged jaw grip and hence, the firmness of holding is quite high. It is generally made up of steel alloy which makes it very strong and highly durable. As a matter of fact, it can sustain the entire human strength pushed against it.

Pipe Wrench – It is generally confused with a monkey wrench but the difference is that it is rather slimmer. It is generally used to reach out to places that are hard to reach like corners. It can be used on round fittings, nooks, and soft iron pipes. But it is not compatible with hex nuts and if you try on them, the teeth can get damaged. Most of the pipe wrenches are made up of aluminium while others use steel as well. There are different sizes of handles available and depending on the area of work, you have to choose accordingly. The length of the handles is generally measured in inches and the longest one is 48 inches. If you want to buy any of these adjustable wrenches, make sure you check out for a complete buying guide.

Plumber Wrench – The plumber adjustable wrench comes with a key ring on the handle. It is widely used for movable jaws that pipes and fitting requirements. It has greater clasping and hence, you can apply greater force with the least effort. There is no need for engaging the nut or bolt head. As a matter of fact, a plumber wrench has applications were other wrenches fail or do not fit it.

Adjustable Spanner – it is the most common adjustable wrench of them all. It is also available in the market with the name of a crescent wrench. It is widely used in household works and it is a common hand tool that you will find with everyone. Furthermore, it is easy to get this wrench from local hardware store while for others, you might have to visit bigger stores. The price is reasonable and they come in various shapes and sizes to fit in perfectly. There is a 15-degree angle between movable jaw and handle.

It is suitable for working on plumbing accessories and even as a lid opener. You can use it on pipes, elbows, faucets but you have to make sure that the clasp is perfect before you can apply the required pressure.