What Are the Advantages of a Polished Concrete Floor?


Polished concrete is usually obtained by treating concrete with the help of a chemical densifier and it is ground with the help of tools specifically meant for grinding. These tools take the form of progressive grits made of diamond cup wheels and polishing pads. Now there are some new age machines available, which can make your concrete floor more shining and when you consult with the concreter, you need to ask them about this feature. A polished concrete floor can provide you rust resistant power and it will not be affected due to natural climatic changes. So, people are now also considering this floor for their exterior part as well as their interior space.

Benefits of A Polished Concrete Floor for Residential Areas:

  • Savings the repeated to cost – Usually, traditional floor covering methods are required when a grade slab is usually used to finish the surface of the floor. If you install the polished concrete floor in your home and commercial places, then you can save your maintenance cost. Even if you find any damages on your concrete floor then you can repair the respective portion and save your expenditure.
  • Savings with respect to the life-cycle – These floors cannot be damaged as easily as the other type of materials and need not be replaced entirely. Else you can repair the floor partially. Apart from that, there is no need to pay any additional maintenance cost for this polished concrete floor and you can easily clean the surface in a normal way.

Benefits of A Polished Concrete Floor for Commercial Areas:

  • Resistance to an elevated level of foot traffic – This helps commercial vinyl flooring to save money because they can transport a lot of load from one place to the other. This helps in saving lot of time as well.
  • Limited maintenance and long shelf life – These floors can be easily cleaned and requires occasional mopping. They also do not require messy waxing, coating, and other factors that are associated with time, labor, and money that are required to apply them.
  • Resistance to transmit moisture – These polished floors allows the floor to breathe and removes issues related to other flooring types like sealing the concrete, tiles and many more.
  • High reflectivity of light – These are very important to restaurants, offices, and other facilities in the public that project a clean, bright, and professional image. Also, this saves a lot of energy by reducing the requirement for artificial lighting.

Versatility of Polished Concrete Floor:

The process of polishing is a multi-step process. Hence, customers can choose and drop processes. They can choose from gloss to stain that meets their requirements and personality. This versatility makes a polished concrete floor very relevant for a variety of applications. People now install this polished concrete floor in their warehouse, store, restaurants, offices, showrooms and residence.polished-concrete-melbourneSome house owners only look for flooring that is unique. The floor installer can give a high degree of shine that is very like a polished marble and granite. This cannot be achieved with the help of a coating that is high-gloss. Overall this is very good option for most of the business and residential units where the primary objective of the people is to make the environment look professional and classy. If the customer wants a rough finish, stones can be added during the installation.

Sometimes, it is very challenging to find a service that gives importance to integrity. Hence, customers should ensure that enough research is conducted before making the final decision.  After reading the above benefits and disadvantages, the customers should be able to arrive at a decision, which acts a win-win decision for both the parties that are involved in the transaction.