Wear The Tradition In The Truest Form With The Authentic Terracotta Designs


Often times you have seen women aspire to team up traditional terracotta jewelry with cotton handloom sarees. Indeed, the veritable combination of these two somewhat labels you as eclectic gorgeous.

At times, you might get inquisitive about the material terracotta. What is it exactly? To be precise, it is nothing but a sort of clay only.

For the convenience of the artisans, they literally endeavor to use both dry and baked clay to cast into any desirable shape. Let’s read some more points on this type of jewelry:

Highlight on the making of the terracotta jewelry:

Every time when you buy any terracotta jewelry has you ever tried to get the insight of its making process. If not yet, then it is time to have some brief on that. Although terracotta seems to be quite plain and easy art form. However, factually, it is quite daunting and toilsome as well. Over all, it undergoes a series of steps followed by molding, baking and drying under the sun.

Just tuck to this point, that almost all the terracotta objects are shaped by hand itself. Later the same burned on fire followed by wood or stone to brush a polished finish to the jewelry. On the top of that, two imperative techniques called glazing and lithography is substantially incorporated in the jewelry making process as well.

The latter process incorporates the decoration. Mostly multiple methods are utilized for the same. For instance, embossing any design on the jewelry, or adding additives to sprinkle a luster effect. Added to that work such as glazing and enameling is also involved in the process as well.

Why should you choose terracotta jewelry to embellish your appeal?

The priceless terracotta jewelry is completely safe as it is hundred percent eco-friendly. On the top of that, the application of vibrant colors accentuates the demeanor to a manifold. Coming to its color, the convincing earthy colors brushed in green, blue, red, gray and brown make it a quintessential piece to adorn your beauty. In addition to that conventional motifs as creepers, leaves, human idols, tribal gods, animals substantially conquer the jewelry terracotta designs.

Unambiguously the pairing of this typical clay jewelry with any of your traditional outfit exhibits the concealed strong personality of any woman. But present day terracotta designers aspire to experiment with contemporary motifs as well.

Future of the terracotta jewelry:

Terracotta dominantly essays the specimen of the bygone civilization of the Indus Valley. Indeed, it is the true zeal of today’s craftsman who goads the artwork with extreme dedication and novelty.

To leave their imprint in the modern market, they began to amalgamate the Kundan Meenakari to the terracotta. The fusion simply stands out from the crowd. In fact, the craftsman deliberately adds minute detail and finish for an accomplished countenance. That apart the tribal terracotta designs are again that bags the maximum attention of the onlookers.

Well now, this is high time to check out some of the stunning terracotta jewelry designs with the price. The tantalizing finish of the terracotta will literally take your breath away.