Vital Questions to ask Before Hiring a Collection Agency Service


Don’t have time to call, email and send letters to the debtors who owe you money? If your answer is yes, then you must think of an alternative to getting back the money. You basically have two options in hand. Either, you have to create a debt collection department in your company and appoint several debt collectors, who can collect the debts on behalf of you. Or else, you have to hire a debt collection agency.

If you ask me, I would ask you to hire a collection agency service because that’s a less expensive affair than creating a different department for debt collection in your business house. To create a debt collection department, you will have to hire many debt collectors and have to pay them monthly, even if there’s no debt to collect. So, that’s a loss. Instead, you can hire a debt collection agency when a debtor is not paying the debt and avoiding you.

Wondering what is a debt collection agency? Well, it is an agency or firm that has a well-knit team of experienced debt collectors who will professionally deal with your debtors and help you get back the money you deserve. Hiring a collection agency is a tricky task. You need to scrutinize them thoroughly and ask certain questions before hiring them. Thinking which questions should you ask? Don’t worry; here is a list of questions you must ask before hiring any collection agency services in Houston.

Ask them about their license

You will find plenty of collection agency services throughout Houston who have a license. But, try to choose the one that is licensed in all fifty states. If your agency is licensed in 50 states, then it will be easier for them to keep in touch with the debtors, no matter where they have shifted. If the collection agency is unlicensed and attempts to collect your debt, they could face legal ramifications under the FDCPA, which in return would shrink your business’s reputation.

Ask them about their specialization

Though, in today’s era, most of the debt collection agencies have a team of debt collectors who have specialization in every field. But still, it will be wise if you ask them about their specialization before you hire them. Because you never know, if they haven’t specialized in your industry or niche, then how would you be able to get back the money? Also, ask them how many clients they have worked for in your industry and their recovery rate.

Ask them about the tactics they will use

Before you finally hire a collection agency service, make sure you ask them about the common tactics they use to get back the debts from even the most stubborn debtors. Why? Because you never know how they will behave with the debtors. And their behavior is definitely going to have a big impact on your business house’s reputation. So, talk to the agency about the types of methods they use when collecting debts and then only hire such a service/agency.

These were some essential things that you must ask before hiring a debt collection agency. So, before hiring collection agency services Houston, make sure you ask the above-mentioned questions.