Valentines Gifts For Relationships At Different Stages


Come to Valentine’s Day and many starts researching special gifting ideas for their significant others. Understanding the likes and dislikes of the significant other is very important. The assumption has let down the expectations of many a lover and at the same time, put a dampener on the efforts of many to make this day special. Sadly, many trudge along online gifting websites, finding nothing as exciting as they would ideally like and end up sending Valentine’s gifts online that border on mediocrity.

An ideal Valentine’s Day gift and celebration is one that is able to define a relationship and have to mean for both involved, where the couple is neither left disappointed nor overwhelmed. Not many are aware that Valentine’s gift is also dependant on the stage the relationship is. For example, one wouldn’t want to spook out a boyfriend of a mere three months with an overdose of heart-shaped gifts, or disappoint a fiancé with just a teddy bear!

Here is a relationship stage-wise gifting guide for all those looking for a meaningful gift that exudes the right amount of feelings for their loved ones.

New couples

When the relationship is just new, say between two to eight months old, keeping things simple is important. The couple has just dipped their toes in the pool of love, and keeping things non-committal at this stage is the way to go.

Couples should try to find out a little about each other’s likes and dislikes and look for easy-going gifts like a cute Valentine’s Day card, a box of chocolates or a simple hand bouquet of flowers. One can browse the online gifts, chocolates and flowers lists, and send flowers to Hyderabad or any other city in India.

Valentines Gifts For Relationships At Different Stages

One to two years’ plus

Couples together for a year or more should have had enough opportunities to get to know their partners better. Therefore, it’s time to let the better half know that you are there to stay! Girls and guys at this juncture would appreciate more meaningful gifts that tell them you mean business in this relationship. While looking for gifts online, one can opt for a lovely outfit from the lifestyle category and team it up with a matching accessory. Men, on the other hand, would find simple accessories like a mobile cover or a leather wallet ideal. Look for gifts that will remind your beloved of you every time they use it.

Strong committed relationships

Couples in committed relationships have already been through the simple gift stage, probably more than once. Meaningful gifts become more important with each passing year and personalized gifts are a great way to show your love. While it might not yet be the time for a ring, showering your girl with a hundred red roses with a cake is good. Guys would love a personalized bag, or a bottle of wine to celebrate the day.

Engaged, married or married for years

Couples past the commitment stage shouldn’t shy away from sending Valentine’s gifts online. It’s important to keep the love blossoming and gifts are the best way to nurture a bloomed love. Those engaged can go all out and opt for rings, perfumes, jewelry and more.

The good part is that married couples have the whole website at their disposal. Red roses in denominations of hundred, five hundred and thousands, expensive jewelry, cosmetics and even kitchenware are good gifts for the wife, whereas, engraved watches, clothes, gift vouchers and expensive perfumes are ideal for the husband.

Whether you are in town or posted outside the country, gifting online is a great way to add meaning to your relationship and liven things up!