Train tickets will be booked from 10:00 am today, see the full list here.


The Railway Board will start 200 passenger trains today, so booking will start from today. The Railway Board has taken a big step in the bad times of Coronavirus. The Railway Board is going to start 200 passengers, whose booking will start from 10:00 am on May 21, 2020.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has said that from June 1, 200 non AC trains will be started by the railways, which will run according to the time table, passengers can only book tickets online for these trains i.e. they can book their tickets by visiting the IRCT website It is believed that the commencement of these services will provide great relief to the citizens and will facilitate them to reach their destinations.

And it has also been learned that these trains will not have the facility of instant and premium Tatkal ticket booking. The passengers’ list will be ready 4 hours before the train opens and 2 hours before the second list train opens.

And when passengers go to the station, all passengers will be screened and passengers without symptoms will be allowed to enter the station and board the train.

This is the list of trains

kusheenagar eksapres

konaaraka eksapres

darabhanga eksapres

kaamaayanee eksapres

mahaanagaree eksapres

udayan eksapres

bhopaal eksapres

lakhanoo mel

sanghamitra eksapres

paatik eksapres

shramajeevee eksapres

sampoornakraanti eksapres

pragaraaj eksapeej

gomatee eksapres

karamabhoomi eksapres

shramashakti eksapres

sampatakraanti eksapres

sooryanagaree eksapres

pushpak eksapres

gorakhadhaam eksapres

shivaganga eksapres

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phalakanuma eksapres

sachakhand eksapres

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purushottam eksapres

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goldanatent mel

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epee eksapres

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