Top Travel Destinations—Europe


Ever been to Europe? The second largest continent in the world is a host to 30 plus countries and all of them have amazing tourist attractions. The birth place of modern civilization and the industrial revolution, Europe has some really fascinating and mind blowing places to visit to satisfy the wanderlust in you. From destinations nestled in the heart of the erstwhile Soviet states to those in Central Europe to the Sunshine coasts on the West, Europe has so much to offer for the avid traveller.

Let’s get to know a few of these exciting places:

Novi Sad (Serbia): Heard of it? Well, Novi Sad is a city in Serbia situated on the banks of the Danube. Yes, the very Danube that originates from Germany and flows across nine other countries before submitting itself at the Black Sea.  Along with being the industrial and financial hub of Serbia, Novi Sad is a favored tourist destination for travellers. It provides for a great mix of urban sophistication and rural surroundings; a desired combination expected of any good tourist location.

Some of the favored locations to see in the city include— Danube Park, Lake Ledinci, Museum of Vojvodina, and Petrovaradin Fortress. You could also move out of the city and immerse yourself in the rural surroundings blessed with abundance of nature. The city is also home to the EXIT festival, a popular and award-winning summer music festival held at the Petrovaradin Fortress. So, if your travel plan is around the second week of July, you will be in time for attending this festival and end up bumping into a lot of music lovers from all across the globe!

Brussels (Belgium): Belgium’s capital city of 1.8 million inhabitants plays host to several hundreds of thousands of travellers from across the globe all through the year. Nicknamed as the ‘’de-facto’’ or administrative capital of the European Union, this city has enough and more of a cultural mix that reflects the cultures from across Europe, in some way or the other. Famed for its over 80 museums and other attractions, such as the Grand Palace (a World Heritage site), MannekinPis (Peeing Boy Fountain), Mini-Europe theme park, the Opera House, etc., the city is vibrant throughout the year due to its festivals and celebrations. Also known for chocolate and beer, the city has over 1,800 restaurants to satisfy your gastronomic desires! Brussels is made for travel!

Athens: If you want to travel into the history of culture and civilization, it is Athens you should start at. Having stood the test of time for around 3,500 years, Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world. A vibrant mix of ancient and modern culture is reflected in the many iconic monuments like Parthenon (open air auditorium) and Acropolis (ancient citadel) which provide a glimpse of the ancient history while the museums, self-styled cafes, and the port showcases its modern face. Known as the cultural capital of Europe and birth place of Democracy, Athens is must on your calendar list of tourist destinations in Europe.

Milan: Known as the ‘Fashion and Design’ capital of the world, Milan is a powerhouse for arts, commerce, culture, finance, and of course tourism! Perhaps the most visited city in Italy, Milan witnesses about 9 million visits every year. If you want to immerse yourself into art, culture, and history, Milan is the place with its numerous museums and art galleries, popular among them being —The Pinacoteca di Brera and The Castello Sforzesco, which hosts paintings from the greats like Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. The city is a constant host to several cultural and fashion events across the year, and it almost never sleeps!

Azores Islands: If you have had enough of a city landscape and its concrete structures and wish to get away from all the hustle and bustle, travel down south about 1,300km from the coast of Portugal to these beautiful and nature laden islands that are hosted in the lap of North Atlantic Ocean. The group of nine islands that provide a picturesque feeling and delight the senses are nature’s way of providing sublime peace and joy! Think about tall dark mountains standing beside unending acres of green that are accompanied by the vast blueness of the ocean and a sprinkling of sunlight from above—Azores is the place!

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