Top Tips to Use Mobile Payment Application Safely


Today everyone prefers mobile payment application over cash or card! With mobile payment applications, you don’t have to keep cash while shopping which surely reduces money-theft cases. Now you don’t even have to fill your debit or credit cards details for making small payments which means you don’t have to share your bank or credit card details while shopping. Mobile payment applications provide security as well as long bills because of just one click and buy! If you have to enter your all details then you may think twice but mobile payment apps make the shopping very easy and quick. But if your payment apps get compromised then you may really have to face a huge loss. So, it’s better to use these applications with some safety measures so you can enjoy your shopping without any trouble.

Here we have mentioned some safety measures for keeping your payment safe:

  •  Never download and install any payment application from third-party websites.

Always download applications from your Play Store. Applications available in third-party websites may carry keyloggers and other malicious threats.

  • Never make any payment while using public Wi-Fi

Hackers usually prefer unsecured public Wi-Fi for the attack. Hackers can get into your network via unsecured network and then steal your login id and password. You should always use your personal internet pack for making payment. If you don’t have personal data pack then you should always use a VPN while using public Wi-Fi.

  • Use a strong and lengthy password

You should use a long password for payment applications. Never use a password which is related to you like your last name, your phone number, DOB, your pet’s name, etc. These kinds of passwords are easy to guess. Always use an alphanumeric and meaningless password. Never use the same password for your all accounts. If your one account gets compromised; the hacker will easily access you all accounts. So, it’s better to use a unique password for every account. If you are facing trouble in remembering various passwords then you should use password manager. With the help of password manager; you can keep your all login details and password securely.

  • Shop from a safe website

Before visiting any website, make sure you are not falling in any kind of phishing scheme. Today you may see lots of bogus websites are available over internet which shows best deals and then gets you into trouble. People often receive good deals messages on social media sites. Before opening the URL; check whether the website is secure or not. If not then don’t open the URL.

  • Read out about the app

Before you install the application, read about the features and services about the app. Never underestimate the reviews and rating. You should only click on the download button when you see positive reviews and good ratings. If the payment app has less number of downloads then avoid downloading it.

  • Use two-factor verification

Two-factor verification can help you protect your funds even when your id and password get compromised. With two-factor verification; you can only make payment when you enter a correct password along with generated OTP. You will get your OTP on the registered email address or phone number.

  • Install security software

You should use an antivirus on your mobile device for keeping your transactions secure. Antivirus will provide personal firewall, VPN service, Anti-theft, anti-spyware, etc features for making your payment safe.

If you are using internet banking on your device and by any kind of mishap you lost your device then you should quickly report to the bank for blocking your accounts.