Top 8 Brilliant Gift Card Hacks


Are you looking for good deals on gift cards? Then, you must search for the sites and grab the best discounts. These days gift cards are not secluded in only gift-giving, but you can spend the benefits of flight booking, in restaurants, and in groceries too. 

So, if you are looking for to spend the remaining small balance in the card or looking for big discounts you need to check the sites and stores for it and also have to know about the hacks you can get to grab the deals. Here, in this article, you can know about it. 

Resale site cards

You will get great deals in egift card if you go to a resale store. These are the places where they sell cards which people do not use or want. You can always get a gift card worth of $100 or $80. This is a great balance to have. 

Big discounts

Resale sites are good but you can always look for places where you can get the biggest discounts on gift cards. You can get one worth $100 in 55 discount, but if you get 10% on $50 card, it will be a great thing to have. You will find a lot of sites who sell gift cards on the biggest discounts. 

Exchange gift cards

You can get best buy egift card and exchange them for another one. You will get this from so many stores. It can be online or offline, you can exchange the unwanted gift card with the one you are actually opting for. You will also get good programs attached to the cards. 

Best discount in January

The time after Christmas is the best time to get better discounts on gift cards. You will get various ranges and offers with gift cards in the resale stores. People have exchanged the cards there the ones they didn’t use, and you can be the lucky one. 

Use in various places

You have to look for a gift card that you can use in various places and not just in one store. This perk you will get if you buy from a partner store. There are a lot of companies who allow their buyers to shop at their stores and in other places too. 

Get cash from the gift card

If you have only a few amounts left in the card, you can take the money out from the retailer. You can always use the bucks for buying something else. However, the card balance has to stay in a certain amount only. 

Store gift cards on the phone

There are apps for it. If you have the fear of losing gift cards, you can store them in your mobile with the help of the apps. This will work perfectly if it’s a virtual card. 

Use gift cards

If you use your gift cards in dine outs, in the gas station, you won’t have to pay full for anything else. You just have to make use of the discounted gift card you have got. 

You can turn your receipt into a gift card, and also, you can sell the unwanted cards for cash too. There are so many such hacks you will get.