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Top 7 Ways GPS Tracking Devices Can Improve Your Business


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Advanced technology has really helped various businesses to make significant improvements in the way they communicate with their clients and the way they ship their products. Even a small business can be benefitted with the way technology has made incredible progress over the years.

Today, GPS tracking devices are so advanced that you can easily have details such as drive behaviour, time spent idling, driving speed etc. making them an effective tool to have for all those businesses that mainly rely on a fleet of vehicles. So, whether a business has a fleet of 4 vehicles or a 70 specially equipped trucks, GPS tracking devices really help in making significant improvements in your business.

When the businesses don’t track their vehicles while they are on the field; they don’t get to know the performance of their employees and the driving routines, all this really miss out on the opportunities to improve the driver safety, increase revenue, and abatement of the operating costs.

So, withot any further ado, here are top 7 ways GPS tracking devices can help improve your business.


The data generated and stored by these advanced gadgets, really come handy when it comes to planning. Yes, there are other solutions such as mobile phones and manual attendance, but they are not as effective as these tracking devices and above all, they give you accurate data as well. There is no doubt that mobile phones are a great invention of the modern world, but they can prove costly and most importantly they are also dependent on good signal and they always have a risk of fear of getting stolen or get damaged.

When you are aware of the exact location of your drivers, it really enables you to make an informed decision related to their work, hence it proves helpful in making improvements in the overall route and making the dispatch process smooth. A few years back, there was no such system where the vehicles can be tracked once they leave the parking lot. With these tracking devices, you can easily keep a track of the driver and their activities.

Vehicle Maintenance 

Vehicle Maintenance

Further to the particular details gathered from a particular vehicle, the data really helps in creating a picture, over time, of its current condition and it really helps in routine maintenance and repair scheduling.

These GPS tracking devices also help in the maintenance of any probable technical issue well in advance, taking the vehicles out of use for routine maintenance. After all, if even one vehicle gets off the road unexpectedly, it can really prove costly if the company relies mainly on the vehicles on a daily basis.

Fuel Efficiency

One of the major areas where GPS tracking devices really come handy is saving the businesses money in fuel consumption. Seeing the continuous rise in the fuel prices, as a fleet manager, you should know what difference it can make to the bottom line. These gadgets can really help in cutting down the fuel cost, to a business, up to 30% by highlighting driving behaviours such as irregular braking, speeding, and idling. Identifying such patterns and eliminating wasteful behaviours can end up saving up to 10 gallons of fuel on a monthly basis on every vehicle using a GPS tracking device.

Besides creating awareness about wasteful behaviours, car trackers can also play an important role in determining ineffective routes, enabling to guide the drivers efficient driving habits and also developing better routes. This data can be easily accessed for every single vehicle in your fleet on your smartphone or your computer.

Traffic Reporting And Route Planning


These devices also have the feature of viewing live traffic and its significance cannot be exaggerated in busy environments. Well, it is a known fact that no business functions in a vacuum and when vehicle logistics are a vital part of your business, being aware of what other drivers and roads are up to can be a boon. Not only such details prove useful for the drivers to avoid rush hour but it also enables you to foresee any potential problem and re-route the vehicles accordingly, thus saving time and money.

All those reports comprising traffic hazards, enabling you to re-route your vehicles and fuel consumption helps you to make important decisions related to your fleet.

Asset Management

Tracking not only helps in keeping a close check on the deliveries of your customers, but it also means you are having all the important details of the movements of the deliveries.

This really proves an advantage when it comes to insurance and other financial elements, but you shouldn’t undervalue the significant improvements it could make to the customer service you get to deliver to your clients. For some companies, it is this level of customer service is what sets them apart from their competitors.

Reduced Insurance Premiums   

Since the trackers are capable of offering the data and information, vehicle telematics may impact the insurance premiums of your fleet. Make sure you have checked with your insurance company, but even if you manage to save a little per vehicle, you could end up saving a significant amount over time.

There are commercial ‘black box’ devices and they often comprise of cameras that line up video footage along with GPS data and time, offering you protection to your company in case of an accident where your drivers don’t have a fault. There is no doubt that these black box tracking gadgets are gaining popularity with the consumers and other providers of consumer insurance.

Motivates Employee Productivity

When the employees are aware of the fact that they are being monitored geographically, they put their best efforts to be more productive on the job. This also cuts down your labour and the need for overtime while demoralising your drivers from taking care of personal tasks and business while operating on your company dime – something that is quite difficult to make out without the help of GPS tracking gadgets for your fleet.


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