Top 5 restaurants in Hampshire, UK you must visit


The restaurant industry in Hampshire, UK is strong. There are plenty of restaurants available in Hampshire and new ones are coming up almost every month. With such an overwhelming number of restaurant choices, it often becomes difficult to select the best one.

If you are a resident of Hampshire and looking for the best restaurants to dine, then you are in the right place. To save you time and effort, we have shortlisted five restaurants that you must visit in Hampshire. Each of these restaurants is special in their way.

Best Restaurants In Hampshire, UK

You will find many restaurants in Hampshire, UK but these five happen to be the best ones out of the lot. Check out the details of the restaurants to get an idea.

1.    Koh Thai Pas

Koh Thai Pas is a fine dining place that gives you a unique experience. The first thing you will notice about this place is the stunning décor. The amazing interior decoration helps in setting the right mood for the restaurant. This place has a personality of its own. Other than a beautiful décor, they also serve you delicious food. They have several interesting dishes on their menu to try.

2.    Huis

The next best restaurant to visit in Hampshire is Huis. This place is nothing less than a paradise for beer lovers. Good quality food and beer create a perfect mood for enjoyment. This place is better enjoyed with friends. The friendly and warm ambiance of the place is going to make you feel comfortable. The place is quite popular among locals and youngsters. They have a menu full of mouth-watering dishes. If you want to try an exciting place to eat and have a good time, then this should be it.

3.    La Casa Flamenca

This Spanish restaurant in Hampshire is one of the best places to dine. This is a bar cum restaurant where you can enjoy the finest of food with quality drinks. If you are planning for a nice dinner with your partner, then you should visit this place. The classic Spanish décor helps build the mood. If you visit this place any time, you must try their steaks.

4.    La Galleria

La galleria offers you a relaxing dining experience where you can have a great time along with good food. This place is mainly known for serving pasta. If you happen to be here, you must try their past recipes. Other than that you will also like the ambiance and décor of the place. This restaurant has a nice Italian touch to it that is loved by the guests.

5.    The Spice Restaurant

Lastly, we have The Spice Restaurant. If you want to try delicious food in Hampshire, then this is the place to be. They welcome their guests with a simple and yet beautiful décor. The friendly environment within the restaurant will help enhance your overall experience.

So these are five of the top restaurants in Hampshire that you must try. These places are meant for the real foodies if you are one of them.