Top 4 Things You Should Know About The Mangalsutra

Top 4 Things You Should Know About The Mangalsutra

Every piece of Jewellery has a special place in the heart of the woman who owns it. Some are heirlooms handed down to her, some are gifts which remind her of special occasions, and yet others are ones she has lovingly selected for herself. Of all these, one which hold a special place in a married woman’s heart is the Mangalsutra, a piece of Jewellery which she receives from her husband on her wedding day.

While the traditional Mangalsutra designs have changing over the ages, its significance in Indian culture remains unchanged. Like many other traditions, however, it is something which is accepted without a thought to the reasons which make it so. Here is a peek into the significance of this sacred piece of Jewellery

  • What it is: A word which brings together two words- ‘Mangal’ which means ‘auspicious’ and ‘sutra’ which means ‘bond’. They signify the sacred bond which binds the groom and the bride together on the wedding day and the act of tying it signifies the formation of that bond.
  • The Significance: The Mangalsutra is a promise that the couple makes to stay together for as long as they live. The black beads are meant to avert any negative influence.
  • Bringing the family together: In some cultures, both the groom and his sister participate in the ritual of tying the Mangalsutra. While the groom ties the first know, his sisters tie the two knots after that, cementing a bond between the families.
  • Health benefits of wearing a Mangalsutra: Tradition decrees that the Mangalsutra should be made of gold and should be worn next to the skin. While we accept this as a rule, we often forget that the benefits of gold on the human body is scientifically established. Improved heart health, stabilized blood pressure and an improved immune system are some of the many positive effects gold is believed to have.

Having learnt the significance of wearing a Mangalsutra, you are sure to be curious about the designs you may choose from when buying one for yourself. Usually made of gold and black beads, Mangalsutras can be traced to their place of origin by their designs. In Southern India, the quantity of gold used is significantly higher than the beads, and the pendants have a typical cup-shaped design.  In Northern India, on the other hand, Mangalsutras are made of black beads strung together with gold wire. Diamond Mangalsutras are a common trend in this region.

While traditional Mangalsutras are usually long with antique jewellery designs, the newer versions are often much shorter. The latest trend is that of bracelet mangalsutras, with black beads and diamond pendant designs being adapted to be worn on the wrist.

No matter what gold Mangalsutra designs you choose, it is sure to be an article you will treasure for a lifetime. Keep your schedule in mind when you choose one! If you travel often, or are a working individual, make sure you pick a light and versatile design which you can safely wear every day.

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