Top 3 Mesmerizing Train Trip Vacations in India


Train trip vacations in India are always special because of the diversity it brings with itself. As Indian railways is the lifeline of Indian life and landscape, you can’t afford to miss a train trip vacation. In this blog, some of the best train trips will be discussed so that you can have a sneak peak to the real beauty of Indian heritage, nature, and luxury at comparatively affordable cost.

Let’s start the journey of top train trip vacations in India –

#1 The Maharaja’s Express

If you’re looking forward to a luxurious Indian Railways train trip coupled with rich Indian heritage, you’ll not find a better alternative to The Maharaja’s Express Tour. It encompasses a journey starting from New Delhi and takes you through the luxurious experiences of the erstwhile Indian maharajas. From Delhi, you go on a never-forgettable train ride to Agra, Ranthambore, Jaipur (Rajasthan), and back to New Delhi. Best part of the journey is the inclusion of majestic polo games on elephants, giving you a taste of the lives by the erstwhile Indian Maharajas at Jaipur City palace (built by Maharajas of Jaipur). Next you’ll be taken through the erstwhile hunting ground of the Maharajas, which is now a reserved national park of Bengal tigers – Ranthambore National Park. Here you can spot Royal Bengal Tigers along with other animals such as spotted deers, peacocks, monkeys, pigs, and more. After this tour, you visit Fatehpur Sikri. You can enjoy the local lives of Rajasthan all along this mesmerizing train trip vacation.

 #2 Darjeeling-Ghum Toy Train

If you are a heritage lover with a penchant for hills, you’ll definitely love the mesmerizing the Toy Train ride from Darjeeling to Ghum in northern West Bengal. Once you board this luxurious heritage train (which still runs of Steam as well as Diesel – choose option while booking), you’ll feel the time lapse. It’ll take you to 1881, when the British colonizers of India started the 2-feet wide-gauge Toy train. At that time, it was driven by blue Glasgow-built steam locomotives. In fact, the same steam engine (well preserved and remade) are still driving the current toy trains in the heritage Darjeeling-Ghum journey. The winding tracks along the winding Hill cart Road will definitely show you the mesmerizing Kanchenjunga peaks with the backdrop of clear blue sky with puffed clouds all around. The train ride takes a hour time to reach Ghum and the journey will be accompanied by blowing of steam engine’s whistle and billowing smoke, taking you a century back and relish the heritage of the rich past. Children running besides these toy trains make the journey that more dreamy. Darjeeling-Ghum Toy Train ride is definitely a dream train trip vacations you’ll definitely not like to miss.

 #3 Deccan Odyssey

The newly refurbished train trip vacation in southern India will give you a sneak peek to the luxurious past. The tour starts with dancing and drumming welcome of all passengers. If you wish, you may also join the dancing troop and enjoy. Then your cabin steward will take you through the luxurious coach of Deccan Odyssey. During the journey, you can have sumptuous meals and relax with your favorite drinks at the adjoining restaurants (two of them are there) and a bar. This Delhi-Mumbai Deccan Odyssey will definitely leave a lasting impression in your mind and heart for years to come.