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Tips You Should Consider Before Buying Wedding Cakes !!


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Many couples choose a wedding cake designer or bakery based upon the recommendation of family or friends. You are lucky enough to have that one local wedding cake designer that everyone talks about. If, however, you’re not lucky to be in either of these positions, we suggest that you ask your caterer or banquet facility manager for recommendations, rely upon the advice of a wedding planner, or focus some attention on local bakers at one or more of the Chicago bridal shows you’re sure to attend.

# Before meeting with a few select cake designers and/or online cake delivery in Delhi, you should first have a style or type of cake in mind based upon the colors or theme of your wedding. If you’ve seen pictures of cakes that you like in magazines, by all means, plan to bring them with you. If you’ll be using a cake top, purchase it in advance and plan to bring it with you, as well. Lastly, you should have a firm budget that accommodates not only your cake and any desserts or pastries you plan to order but all additional delivery and/or set-up fees that will be charged.

# When you do meet with a designer or baker, don’t be afraid to ask questions. He or she will not be offended if you ask what ingredients will be used to make your cake, or if it will be made fresh only hours before your event or ready-made and frozen. You’ll also want to know if your cake’s decorations will be edible and, of the cake styles, they show you, what flavors and fillings are available for each. Ask to see pictures of cakes from recent weddings, for recommendations from other couples for whom they provided services, and to taste samples of various cakes. Reputable cake designers and bakeries that specialise in wedding cakes and desserts or pastries will happily arrange a cake tasting for you and your fiance based on your likes and dislikes.

# You may wonder what makes it more expensive than other types of bakery products. First of all, they are a specialty item that is made to order. Anything that is customized is going to cost more because it will take more time than something that is a standard issue. Many individual decisions go into its creation. One of the first things to decide on is the size and shape.

# Typical wedding cakes tend to be round, but square layers are becoming more popular, as are ovals and heart shapes. Specialty shapes will cost more because of the need to use specialized pans. Once you decide on the shape, you move on to the size. If you are going to be serving the cake to the guests at the wedding, you will need to know how many guests are invited. This will help you to know the size and number of layers you will require. The most popular uses three layers, beginning with a 14″, topped by a 10″ layer, and using a 6″ layer for the top. You can increase the sizes of all the layers and add more layers if you are having more people at your wedding.

# Next, you will have to choose whether you want the standard vanilla pound cake with butter-cream frosting and some sort of filling or whether you want a different flavor altogether. Cakes in Portland frequently use buttercream frosting, but if you like carrot cake, you will prefer cream cheese frosting. These frostings work well if you want a simple design. However, if you want intricate designs, you will want to opt for the more versatile fondant, which also tends to be more expensive. No matter which wedding cakes in Portland you look at, you will find the one that is right for your wedding. Make sure you are happy with what you have ordered, and then you will be delighted when it is delivered on that big day.

# Finally, after you order cake online or book one from a local store for your special event, before signing that contract on the dotted line, sit down with your designer or baker and go over every item in detail. Make sure your contract specifies an exact date, time, and location for delivery and see that all delivery and set-up fees have been included. Discuss payment terms, including your deposit and when the final payment is expected. Also, ensure that your contract specifies what will happen if either party does not follow through on their part of the contract; this will serve to protect you as well as your cake designer or baker if the contract is not honored by either party.

In essence, when order cake onlineor offline, look for a reputable professional who can offer you pictures of their work, recommendations from past customers, and samples for you to taste. Don’t let your wedding cake and desserts or pastries break the budget and ensure that your final contract reflects all services and fees that are to be included. And above all, choose a cake that you will be proud and excited to share with your guests.


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