Tips to Promote Videos on Social Media


Videos have become an integral part of the marketing strategy owing to their consumption on various social media channels. Videos are one of the best ways to get engagement and boost your presence online.

If you are looking for ways to promote your video content online, here are some sure-shot ways to do that:

Spread Your Content

Once you have created a compelling video marketing content with the help of a corporate video production company, make a list of all the platforms where you can share it. While Youtube and Vimeo are the most popular video sharing platforms, you need to go beyond these platforms if you really want to promote your corporate video content. There is Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Upload videos on Facebook that will get you more views and even shares since it is a share worthy platform. Facebook will help you get good content viral in no time. You can share teasers of your video on Instagram and post links to your video on Twitter. If you have any other social media website in mind, include that too.

Ask People to Share Around

In this age of social media, you will have to be a little blatant and straightforward and even ask people to like and share your content. Sharing content automatically drives more views, engagement, and visibility. If you want to promote your content, sharing is the most powerful method. Ask your colleagues, friends, relatives, and even your customers to share your video content. It may seem difficult, but if you request kindly, no one will turn you down. Good corporate filmmakers in Delhi also encourage socials sharing of these corporate videos and thus they may even incorporate a compelling call to action at the end of the video so that more people share your  video.

Optimize your content for Social Media

While there are many platforms where you can share your videos, these platforms have their own formats and guidelines which you should ask your corporate video production company adhere to. Optimize your video content according to the guidelines. The size and format of video differ from Facebook to Instagram. You should have a square video for Instagram and mobile-screen friendly videos for Facebook since most of the people access Facebook through their phones. Even the duration matters. You cannot post a video of more than 59 seconds on Instagram. Therefore you should make a teaser or trailer version of your video with a link to the whole video in bio.

Keep an Eye to These Important Details

Before you promote your marketing videos, make sure you have taken care of these little details below:

  1. Title: the title of your video should be short and captivating. Long titles are just boring and confusing
  1. Thumbnail: this is one of the most important details in any video, as any corporate production video in Delhi would suggest you. Make sure it is eye-catching, interesting, funny, or intriguing in some manner in order to make people see your video.
  1. Description: this is a short brief of what your video is all about. Make sure it is crisp and clear but at the same time not giving out too many details of what is to come.
  1. Category: You should assign the right categories to your video in order to make it visible to the right genre of people.
  1. Call to Action: it is very important that you include a call to action in your videos so that you can guide your viewers in that direction. You can ask them to share your video, comment on the video, check your website or buy something from you. It all depends upon your marketing strategy.

Run A Social Media Campaign

In order to drive more views on your video and promote it, you can run a video campaign on Facebook and Twitter. Use a cool and trending hashtag to go along with your video. Give free giveaways to people or run contest where they must watch the video and share. That ought to boost your views and shares on the video. You can also invite social media influencers to bolster your campaign on social media.

Above are some of the ways through which you can promote your corporate video content online. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, feel free to share your requirement with production houses in Delhi.