Tips to Consider When Buying Extendable Outdoor Dining Tables

Outdoor Dining Tables

Enjoying friends and family outside on a patio or in the backyard is even better with new outdoor furniture. No matter if you are entertaining a big or small crowd, using an extendable outdoor dining table is a terrific option. Here are a few tips to help you find the right one for your needs.

First, consider the material you want. This will be determined by your taste and other outdoor furniture style. Wicker is a popular material to use outdoors. It’s lightweight but moisture-resistant. It also holds up well throughout temperature changes throughout the year. However, it may be hard to find an extendable table in wicker. What you may look for is a multi-part table that can be arranged to create a larger space.

A wood outdoor table can come in a few forms. It may have two or four fold-out parts that lock into place. Or the table might pull apart to extend. A leaf may be placed in the middle to fill the area create when the table is pulled apart. This can save a lot of space by not needing to add a second table. Wood works well in nearly every outdoor setting because of its universal look. These are typically rectangular or oval-shaped. Make sure the wood is treated and prepped for the outdoors.

If taken care of properly, a wood outdoor table can last for years. Price ranges for wooden tables can vary greatly, but higher price doesn’t always mean better quality. Determine your budget before shopping. If you are browsing online, filter searches by material, size and price to help you quickly narrow your options.

Metal and wrought iron can add a unique style to your outdoor décor. The benefits of these include durability and ease of cleaning. They won’t soak up spills or are great at withstanding weather. Wrought iron is heavy and will be harder to rearrange if you need maneuverability. Because of the weight, they are great for withstanding strong wind. You usually don’t have to worry about screws or loose legs with these tables as well. Many of these types of tables have slots or holes that are perfect for outdoor use.

If you are considering an entire outdoor dining set, many chairs that come with these tables may include cushions specifically made for outside. These add some comfort for your guests while still pairing well with the table.

Stone is another material to consider. These may be more traditional, but can be crafted with character and sophistication. You can combine many differ types of chairs with a stone table. A disadvantage is that they can chip or crack, and are very heavy.

The last type of outdoor table to consider is glass. These need to be wiped clean regularly, but can be surprisingly strong. These are usually not extendable, but glass can be a component of many extendable outdoor tables. Some may include a glass top that can be taken off and replaced.