Tips for Building a Great Gift Basket


Making a great gift basket entitles more than throwing a couple of gift items in a container.  This article will help you create a beautiful basket and several theme ideas for inspiration. Try amazing gift baskets online at

The Steps in Creating a Beautiful Gift Basket

1. Plan ahead, when you have the chance. When you already have the idea on the theme of the basket you will create, be sure to shop early and look for items on sale. Is it possible for you to shop when it is after holidays and prices are marked down? Search for clearance items and make use of coupons if you have one. It is just wonderful to look for the online clearance section in big discounts.

2. Think more on creating a basket.  In the market, there are a lot of types of containers you may choose for the gift basket of your choice. It is not necessary to make a traditional basket. Pick baking themes, food, fun bowls, pots and skillets for kitchen or collanders.  For a fact, laundry baskets or cleaning buckets are good choices for the usual students and new homeowners. In kids themed baskets, you may try toy carts or wagons. Furthermore, the big glass jars that come with lids are also cute to hold several small items.  Also, classic crates or items used in home decor will be great additions as interesting containers.

Search thru the store and whip up creativity. Think of the weight of the items you will place in the basket and, also, if the base of the container measures enough for the space to be used.

3. Create a base.  Upon making a gift basket, the goods will look best when put a higher level in the container compared having a low position in the basket.  There are several means to do this agenda. For shallow containers, adding tissue paper, basket filler, crumbled newspaper, and bubble wrap will do perfect. Look for discounts given my markets. You may find some goods in amazing prices. Moreover, when choosing a deeper container, you may also use boxes to level up the height of the goods. For example, in summer themed baskets, you may use a box from the mason jar mugs.  It would look perfect, especially when the recipient would want to store the mugs in the box.

4.  Choose a number of gift items in size and texture. Add interest in the gift basket you are creating thru picking several types of sizes, colors and textures. You may create a basket by adding in an extra small item or two to fill an empty space.

5. Place the tall items at the back of the basket. Be sure that all the items in the basket are seen by adding the smaller items upfront and the taller items placed at the back.

6.  Keep the goods secured.  For a fact, the skewers, glue dots, and even straws can help in keeping flimsy items on its proper place.