This Monsoon Ensure Your Child’s Well Being with These Tips

Monsoon Ensure Your Child's Well Being with These TipsMonsoon Ensure Your Child's Well Being with These Tips
Monsoon Ensure Your Child's Well Being with These Tips

Monsoon in India is in full swing, and with it, it brings a plethora of diseases, illnesses and infections. Many diseases such as food poisoning, malaria, diarrhoea, and other similar ailments are easy to catch. It is essentialalways to maintain cleanliness and hygiene to avoid falling ill this monsoon.

Children are more prone to falling ill as they have low immunity; these diseases could be life-threatening, if not treated early on. Children must be taught proper hand wash technique with products such as Dettol Hand Wash that eliminates germs and bacteria.

However, it is essential that parents also exercise precaution to prevent their little one from falling ill. This monsoon, ensure your child’s well-being by following these tips:

Keep Your Child Healthy with These Tips

Hand Wash is Important

Without you evenrealising, your hands are the primary disease carrier. You could be transferring harmful diseases onto your child just by picking them up or cooking for them. You must tick hand wash off your list every time you come in contact with your child. For times when you are travelling and on the go, carry a Dettol Hand Sanitizer to clean your hands efficiently.

Avoid Leafy Greens during Monsoon

Leafy greens are good for your child’s health; however, they must be avoided during monsoon. The leaves become host to manydisease-causing germs that can affect your health gravely. Thanks to the humidity, these germs at double the speed and easily enter our system. Make sure to wash your vegetables under running water and then boil them before feeding your child.

Store Food the Right Way

Even after you follow all protocols of maintaining hygiene while cooking such as using Dettol Hand Wash or thoroughly washing vegetables, you must ensure proper storage. Once you are done preparing your meal, make sure that you:

  • Cover it with another utensil
  • Don’t keep it out for long
  • Store it in an airtight container
  • Don’t reheat the food multiple times

Keep Healthy Food at Hand

We all know how kids eat. Anything that is accessible to them, they will grab it right off. This is a health concern as your child, especially in monsoon when certain foods can make them sick right away.Please make sure the potato chips are off the dining table and replace them with healthy food at hand. You can put fruits on the dining table and fresh juice instead of carbonated drinks in the refrigerator.

During monsoon, make sure to feed simple food to your child and avoid anything that’s too spicy. Switch that evening noodles with a cup of soup or chicken broth to make it healthy for your child.

Sanitise for Well-being

A child’s first reaction to being handed anything is to put it straightaway in their mouth. It becomes crucial to sanitise everything before you give it to them. Make sure that you put their chew toy, pacifiers, utensils, bottles and other things in boiling water for a thorough cleanse. Also, ensure that your child undergoes hand wash with Dettol Hand Wash though the day as kids put their hands in their mouth as well.

Small Efforts Go a Long Way!

By taking just small precautions, you can avoid a ton of diseases and illnesses this monsoon. By following the above tips this monsoon, you can ensure that your child remains at the pink of health. Adoptingsmall habits such as hand wash go a long waywhen it comes to your and your child’s well being not just in monsoon, but year-round.