This Christmas These Are the Cakes You Should Go For


Christmas cakes are occasionally rich fruit cakes presented with icing and marzipan. Different countries celebrate the advent of the winter and the biggest festival of the season, Christmas with making cakes at home. In fact, making cakes with whatever available in proximity is considered as one of the most age-old rituals most of the people abide by across the globe. In Scotland, the traditional Christmas cakes are named as Whiskey Dundee as the cakes are made of Scottish scotch and were first originated in the province of Dundee, Scotland. The United States of America mostly celebrate Christmas with fruitcakes while in Japan, Christmas cakes are made only on Christmas Eve. Even countries like France, Germany, Philippines there are different variations of cakes that are celebrated and shared during Christmas.


Making a luxury Christmas cake is not a very easy job as the recipe differs from region to region. The process that is followed also varies with the changes in the map. But who doesn’t know that Christmas is incomplete without cakes? The jingle bells of Santa and the Christmas trees would become less joyous if there is no cake to savor upon during this particular festivity. If you are up for getting acquainted with different varieties of cakes, this article is just for you. Take note, who knows one day you might also get accolades while you surprise others with a homemade cake?

  • The gingerbread cupcakes are unique in a sense they are not something yet to be popular. This Christmas, make a gingerbread cupcake with some hot milk and bit of sugar and coffee. Put a dollop of frostings on top of the cupcake, and the cake is prepared to be served.
  • Cheesecakes can also be another different cake to try out, this delectable cakes which are actually a cross between a cupcake and a pie can be made easily at home. You would need package cake mix, unbaked pie crusts, raspberry preserves to make them at home. Oh yes, don’t forget the buttercream frosting and decorate them with colored sugar and chopped nuts. It’s going to a hit, believe us!
  • This Christmas, if you aren’t running out of time, go for Finnish Pulla and serve your family and friends with something heavenly, something magical. The Finnish Pulla is a time-consuming cake to prepare for, but can easily be done with the local ingredients such as milk, egg(beaten), sugar, melted butter, dry yeast and white sugar. The process is also not very difficult as you would need the basic set up in your kitchen to prepare this cake. It’s a foodie’s delight, definitely.
  • You can also make Christmas ornament cookies if you’re in the mood to experiment with shapes and sizes of the cake that you are going to make at home. For that, you would need molasses, butter, confectioner’s sugar, vanilla, ground cinnamon, flour and baking soda. Try it out, experiment with the shapes of these little ornament cookies.

Apart from all the aforesaid Christmas cakes, if you are not really in a mood to experiment with the cakes, try simple Christmas cake that is considered to be traditional. For that, if you need assistance, there are plenty of cookery guidelines that are available on the internet and in many cookbooks. What matters is the cake, the tastier it is, the more fun it is going to be!