These are the places you need to know!!


Co-working spaces in Delhi are increasing with an increase in the number of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and traveling professionals. As there is a scarcity of working place in Delhi, it such a great idea to have someplace such as co-working places. They give way for any number of working people in Delhi without any issues or problems. Every coworking space is having its own discrete vibe and their managers are creative in their aspect of the design of the coworking places. These co-working spaces are meant to be the best place for starting up companies and for those who are looking to set their offices in the city. These are some of the best co-working spaces in Delhi which are listed below.

  1. Darzi Bar and Kitchen:

It is one of the most famous co-working spaces which is located at Connaught Place in Delhi. It was designed by copying the great tailor shops from the streets of Savile Row in London. This is built and decorated with the tailor shops accessories such as scissors, cloth hangers, and sewing machines that are typical of a tailor shop. It attracts the consumers buy their exciting offers such as buy one get free on cappuccino and 20% offer on the food billing. These are the offers exclusively available at Darzi Bar and Kitchen. The myHQ users have the special offer for parking facilities like parking reservations can be done.

  1. Bold Kiln:

Bold Kiln is a beautiful and large co-working space that will make work more enjoyable and pleasurable. There are tons of plants planted generously across the working space, giving a calming and soothing effect and also battling Delhi's intolerable air pollution. This place lot more just a co-working space. The environment is such that it reliefs your mind letting you think of creative ideas for the company or business. Another special quality of this coworking is you need not charge for the expenses such as tea, coffee and snacks. The Internet is also provided for free for browsing purposes.

  1. Tippling Street at Rajouri Garden:

“Work hard and play harder” seems like it is the motto behind this elegant lounge that is also called a great co-working space. The organic environment keeps your mind calm. The decor is so amazing at this co-working space which makes the view so classy. The wifi routers are in more numbers which provide excellent internet for the people working here. The place is facilitated by the charging points everywhere for charging mobiles and laptops. All basic needs and facilities for starting up a company or a business can be found here.

As there are a lot of companies upcoming in Gurgaon. Gurgaon is also up for some good co-working spaces. There are some of the well-known co-working spaces which are the foundation for many startup companies in Gurgaon. Some of the best co-working spaces in Gurgaon are Innov8 at Sector 24, 91 Springboard at Sector 44 and Investopad and Sector 32. They are built so that the needs of the people starting new business and companies.