The Traits of a Successful Sales Person


Technology is considered to be a boon to the human race; however, the flip side of this coin represents technology as a threat to the human race. It appears to be a threat because of the invention of robots that are way beyond the human’s inefficiency at a workplace. Robots are and will be replacing humans in almost every field, and prove to be a greater help for the humans themselves.

Fortunately, the sales of a business have not yet been touched upon by the unreal entity. This is worth mentioning because sales are the most important aspect of any business. Depending on the sale of articles of a business, it is considered to be successful or not. This is hence a salesperson struggle and draws out various plans and methods to ensure the successful sales of their products.

Anybody and everybody does not have what it takes to be a victorious salesperson, there are certain skills and traits that one needs to have to become one. Aaron Michael Hartfield is one such pronounced sales person and related to the sale industry from a very long time. His initial career began in the military, where he served for six prominent years and then transitioned to the civilian life. This is when he struggled in the corporate world and found himself a work in sales. Ever since it has become very clear to him the necessary skills and qualities to become an unbeaten salesperson.

Multitasking is a key attribute for any exemplary salesperson. Be it on the domestic or on the professional front, the salesperson should have the ability to be able to manage everything with utmost ease and complete patience. There should be not be anything that will deem as a burden for him/her. Having the capacity to manage time and all kinds of situations is a must have a criterion for any salesperson. The simple logic behind this is that you never know what kind of customer you may be faced with, you have to be prepared for any kind of situation.

The characteristic of multitasking alone will help the salesperson, meet his deadlines easily, whether it is reporting or presenting a schedule, or even preparing a file. Along with this, a good and recognized salesperson is one who rarely exercises his hard sales skills. The hard sales are the process by which the salesperson ensures that the response of the customer is in favor of this product, even if he has to be pushy for that sake. But people, in general, avoid these types of salespersons. Hence, the one who tries to win the confidence of the customer first and not dumps the product on the customer is one who is appreciated and not shunned.

Aaron Michael Hartfield through his blog emphasizes this point by saying that any efficient sales person will have an ear to hear out his customer more than himself rattling on the benefits of the product.