The Top-5 Courses for Blockchain Developers -2019


The progressive growth of blockchain technology has skyrocketed over the last two years, creating a huge demand for blockchain developers. With many industries and enterprises adopting blockchain technology, the advances in such roles will allow playing a more prominent role in the coming years. We’re all dealing with extremely futuristic propositions here and there is still a huge dearth in the talent pool.

Despite the demand for blockchain developers, there is still a shortage of skills in this field. Finding the right candidate with a relevant set of skills is, however, proving difficult for most companies and organisations looking to hire.

The high demand for blockchain skills has driven interest in professionals to take a leap and start learning these skills using online certification courses and credentials.

Currently, there are certain platforms that focus on blockchain developer certification. These are the list of online resources recommended by expert professionals.

Blockchain Certification for Developers (IBM) by Coursera

Duration: 9 hours

Without a doubt, we can say that blockchain is one of the most popular technology in today’s world. If you’re seeking for ways to start your career in blockchain then you can start off by taking up this foundation course by IBM. You can start off with the basic concept then move to the higher level components. Apart from hands-on experience modeling and projects one also gets the opportunity to build your first blockchain application.

  • Key points:
    • The topics are covered from the very beginning of the course
    • Exercises and assignment provided to enhance knowledge and doubt clearing session
    • An advantage of working with different strategies and acquire practices
    • Once you’re done with the quizzes and exam one earns a program completion badge

Blockchain Certification from UC Berkley by edX

Duration: 6 weeks (3-5 hours per week)

The blockchain certification from US Berkley help explores central ideas, ecosystems that surrounds both the technical and non-technical part. This course also allows you to explore blockchain architecture, the scalable and decentralized applications. Once you complete the course you will be able to build your own models and cases.

  • Key points:
    • Well curated content, almost all the topics are covered
    • The mentors teach the topic is such a manner that makes it easier for them to understand the basic fundamentals even before the assignments
    • Understanding and working on the challenges and coming up with viable solutions

Central Blockchain Council of America  (CBCA)

Duration: Variable

This platform provides one of the best lineups of credentials for blockchain professionals and it is also the world’s first platform-neutral credential for global blockchain leaders. Depending on the roles and functions you choose to pursue you can choose the courses – business blockchain professional, certified blockchain engineer, and global blockchain leader.

  • Key points:
    • The curriculum covers all aspect in blockchain concept, fundamentals, a structure of cryptocurrency, blockchain application, business blockchain and how to manage business blockchain project
    • Entry level positions or senior positions, you can choose it all from here
    • Applicants receive a resource box as part of their assessment preparation
    • On completion, you get awarded with a digital badge that helps employers recognise your capability and skill-set

Blockchain Certification from State University (New York) by Coursera

Duration: 16 weeks (4 hours per week)

This certification course covers a wide range of important topics starting from cryptographic underpinning to enabling decentralized applications. The curriculum is designed in such a way where you can learn programming on Ethereum.

  • Key points:
    • You can take up this courses if you’re looking to get started
    • Examples are given to clarify concepts and doubts on different topics
    • You need to get through all the graded assignments to gain the certification of completion
    • With the help of instructors, you can develop applications

Blockchain courses for Beginners and Experts by Lynda

Duration: Variable

One gets to learn about encrypted data storage, concepts of mining, the implication of decentralized, cryptography etc. These courses are now available on LinkedIn learning, previously it was available on Lynda. The initial first month is free since it is on a trial basis. If you’re looking for one or more courses then you can enroll here.

  • Key points:
    • Learn the basics within a short span of time
    • The course is free initially
    • Most of the trainers are renowned and some of them are international speakers as well
    • There are more than a thousand students who have learned from this platform

With technology that keeps rising it is very important for one to stay updated in the industry today. In order to become the most sought after expert professional in the blockchain technology, you need to keep up with the surging demand and grasp the skills. Now, if you’re looking to learn a skill, re-skill in blockchain, then these certification courses are worth trying.