The Perks that come with Business Centres


Business centres – or serviced offices – provide a number of perks that benefit companies both large and small. They are managed by a facility manager and are rented to multiple businesses that choose to invest in their services. In this article we are going to take a look at three perks that come with investing in a business centre:

A Support Team on Hand

Business centres offer their clients a professional support team and administrative service that is on hand during business hours to deal with a number of services that include answering the phones, reception services, handling of mail and even dealing with clients when they arrive on the premises. The support team may consist of one or more receptionists, and is offered through the business centre as a very cost effective alternative to employing your own team like you would have to in a traditional office setting. Having a support team provided cuts back the costs of staffing a receptionist for a certain amount of hours, benefits, workspace, and the needed furniture and equipment. Instead of investing in all of those much-needed services and equipment individually, a business centre provides the support team and everything you need at a fraction of the cost without losing quality.

Well-Equipped Space

Part of investing in an office space that is housed in a business centre is the advantage of having a well-equipped space included in your package at no extra cost at your fingertips instantly. Business centres provide businesses with a prestigious address anywhere in the world – whether a business centre in Dubai or in South Africa – that includes electricity, a reliable and fast internet connection, furniture, meeting rooms, board rooms, cleaning services, and so much more, all of which the costs are split between all of the tenants in the building. The services and facilities at hand enable you and your business to run smoothly, handling your day to day tasks while the staff included at the business centre handle the rest of the goings on through services and features established by the business centre on your behalf.

A Prestigious Address

A business centre offers businesses – both large and small – the option to set up their company in a prestigious city with a well-known address that will be recognised by their clients and potential customers. The buildings that many business centres are housed in across the globe have stunning architecture, panoramic views, and are situated in places with a thriving economy that attract people from across the globe. Whether you need to use a business centre for a month or a year, businesses that choose to house their companies at such a prestigious address that business centres have to offer allow companies to have an easily accessible location in the heart of a number of luxurious cities with a number of connections, transportation links and more.

The above points are just three of the many benefits business centres have to offer businesses looking for the perfect place to house their company.