The Importance of Philanthropic Projects in Society | Amit Soni


Before speaking about philanthropy, I would like all readers to make sure they know what it is. Philanthropy is not just doing charity for people who are less fortunate than you. However, people often confuse charity and philanthropy. But here is what differentiates them from each other.  

Differences between charity and philanthropy

When you first think about charity, what comes to your mind? Exactly! We think of giving money or food to poor people. But philanthropy is more than just providing a necessary commodity, but helping and making a change in a person’s life that can positively affect in the long term. For example, education-focused philanthropists may provide academic scholarships to various students. In doing so, the philanthropist allows someone to pursue an education that they would not be able to afford otherwise.  Although, we should remember that charity and philanthropy are required to solve social problems in today’s world.

In India, social problems are few; many students want to study at university, but they can’t afford it. According to Trading Economics, India’s unemployment level is not that low. We have other social problems like poverty, migration, etc.

Philanthropic projects and philanthropy-oriented societies can decrease the number of social problems. Some Indian students can’t afford to study at university, but some rich people can afford to pay their tuition fees. So, that will help solve a lifetime problem in that person’s and their family’s life. Or big companies can take interns and teach them basic types of things to complete, which will help solve unemployment issues. See how important and beneficial philanthropic projects can be for society. 

How you can get involved

The first step is to be willing to donate your time, experience, skills, or talent to help create a better world. Then you can look for organizations that work in that sphere and join them as a volunteer. However, before choosing an organization you want to get involved in, do your research in detail and make sure your and the organization’s goals correspond. It will help you to get away from fraudulent actions and organizations working under the name of charity. 

In addition, if you are looking for a team to join, our team is ready to welcome you. We regularly complete philanthropic projects in my hometown, Indore. Recently, we purchased hearing aids for deaf children in Indore to support their full engagement in classroom activities. So, we look forward to continuing our charitable projects for many years to come, and we will need you for sure.