The complete guide to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7

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Before we get to the methods of unlocking a Samsung phone, let’s first understand the benefits Of Phone Unlocking. They are:

1- Flexibility to choose any provider

While purchasing an opened device implies giving the complete cost in advance, customers at least release themselves from the early-termination fees when in a contract, as well as are free to subscribe to the network provider that’s best for them.

2- More phone choices

The benefit of unlocking a gadget is that it can be achieved on almost any kind of item. So, an opened phone allows lovers a lot more selections.

3- Better Strategy Prices

Unlocking a phone gives customers the option to shop for the offer that meets their needs. There are some firms in the market that are doing a great work of presenting better deals than their large competitors in an attempt to draw even more clients.

4- Suppliers Are Marketing Them

Although opening a smartphone isn’t that tough or challenging, the good thing now is that mobile phone makers are surprisingly selling their own unlocked items. But there might be lesser features in them than the 2-year contract based ones.

So, there are a few easy methods that will teach you how to unlock samsung galaxy s7 verizon. Go ahead and read them carefully.

  • From Your Service Provider: The first and standard option is that you can unlock your phone through your carrier. Either they will charge you some fees to unlock it or they won’t. There’s just one condition that your contract must be over to do be able to do this and your account is in good standing.
  • From Online Unlocking Platform: You can use any trusted one of the various online unlocking platforms for unlocking mobile phones including Samsung Galaxy S7. They provide reliable unlocking service which is used by many people to unlock their phones. The reviews prove that. Also, you will get this service for your Samsung Galaxy S7 at reasonable prices on these platforms.

Steps for Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S7

The steps to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7 are as follows:

– Go to an online unlocking platform and put your phone details like the phone model, current network/country, and IMEI number.

– To know the IMEI number of your phone dial *#06# on your Samsung Galaxy S7 or just go to Settings > More > About device > Status.

– Provide your details and make the payment then.

Upon conclusion of your order, you will receive an email from them, containing unlock code.

Unlock Procedure: Use Your Brand-New SIM Card To Unlock Your Phone!

Once you received the unlock code, follow the steps below:

– Insert a brand new SIM card and then switch your phone on. Now, you will be prompted to enter your unlock code.

– Enter the 8 or 16 digits unlock code that you’ve received by email and press unlock.

Your phone will then finally, show “Network Unlock Successful” message and you’re good to go now.

This procedure not only assists you in unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S7 but can unlock any of the Samsung phones.